Buying advice for music production build

Apr 26, 2016
Classic Mac
Mobile Phone
Hello guys,

I would really appreciate your advice on a build since I'm ffar from an expert in this area. the machine will be used mainly for music production, so it must have a good amount of RAM and processing capability.

My first question is, should I go for mATX or ATX, which are the pros and cons of one and other besides the size difference?

The build I had thought of (for an ATX) would be as follow:

i5 6600k or i7 6600k - is the difference in performance worth the price in your opinion?
2x16gb Crucial Ballistix Sport LT - Or does it make more sense to go for the Elite? Isn't it possible to use corsair RAM?
Samsung 850 EVO 500GB
Corsair Carbide 300R
Corsair CS 550 Watt
Zalman CNPS8000B Low Profile (Do i really need this air cooling?)

My main doubt is the mobo, I have no idea what I should buy . all of the above is around 1000-1100€, so I didn't want to spend more than 200€ on the mobo, or maybe should I get worse specs on the above listed components in exchange for spending more on the mobo?

Thank you for all the help. Any other build sugestions are welcome.