build advice for video editing (and some games)


Jan 14, 2017
Hello there,

im new to the Hackintosh league and want to build a compact mini-itx system which should be used to mainly working with final cut x and maybe playing some (graphic intense) games in the future. I have an iMac 21'5 from 2010 which got slower and more unstable in the past months and now I want to upgrade to a more powerful system but don't want to miss all my software which only work on macOS (mainly FCPX).

I decided to build a system which needs to fulfill the following conditions:

Formfactor: mini-itx . I have the z170n-wifi from gigabyte in mind and like to exchange the wlan/bluetooth chip with the supported BROADCOM card.
RAM: 16GB Ballistics Elite
CPU: enough to be future proof (i7-6700 or i5 something)
SSD: M.2 525 GB SSD (seems to be costing nearly the same as a "normal" 500GB SSDs right now)
GPU: ???
Power: SFX Power Supply 500W

The question is mostly: what GPU should i choose. I know that the GTX 10XX graphics cards are not supported. So im aware that i am stuck with GTX 9XX cards right now (980 ti would be the card of my choice as a noob). But because i read a lot of hints about FCPX works better with the AMD cards (maybe RX 480) im not sure what cards are best for my kind of build.

I am struggling with the following cards. :

  1. Geforce GTX 9XX (980 ti) cards with webdriver support but maybe worser performance with FCPX (?) - which flaws are known here (with FCPX/the system itself)?
  2. AMD Radeon RX 480 or R9 280 (or likewise) which should work OOB with some slight modification to a kext file to enable acceleration. Also there is this sleep/wake problem i read about. Which other flaws are known here (with FCPX/ the system itself)?

Im very confused about some topics created here because nearly everyone seemed to stumble upon some kind of problems.

What graphics cards could you guys recommend for me? Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance
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Mar 7, 2017