Boot Issue

Jan 24, 2012
Mac OSX 10.7.4
2.53 GhZ Intel Core 2 Duo
ATI Radeon
Classic Mac
Mobile Phone
Hello fellow hackintoshers

I have a problem that I hope is easy to solve, but I personally dont know how to approach it.

I have a Hackintosh running Lion 10.7.5 (Im having issues getting the installer to work for newer versions of OSX due to my ATI Radeon 6600 GFX card) and Ive recently experienced a really annoying bug. I was using my computer, I frozen and I rebootet it. The result is that I can only have 1 harddrive hooked up to my system. Meaning the booter freezes before even getting to the screen where I can select what OS I want start up. I cant even have external USB Harddrives hooked op to my computer.

This is a huge problem for me since im running 5 harddrives on my desktop. 1 SSD for Mac OS, 1 SSD for Windows, 1 harddrive for my workfiles, 1 for media and 1 for games. I now have to pull out cable if I want to use another OS. Does anyone know what this bug is? And how to fix it? Do I need to reinstall the Chimera booter?

Thanks in advance.