Boot/ Install issue, 2 approaches (Unibeast/Multibeast issues).

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Dec 28, 2012
Supermicro X8DTL-i
L5640 x 2
GT 720
  1. Mac mini
Mobile Phone
  1. iOS
The build I am referring to is in my signature in bold. My previous system 1366 based X58, was a cake walk compared to the purposed purchased parts that are suppose to be iMac 18,2 and Macmini 8,1 compatible.

  • Unibeast stick boots up but no functioning USB 2/3.
    • Using USB inject Kext get me working USB
    • Proceed to install, after reboot install continues freezes and K Panics.
  • Boot Unibeast to boot completed installation from a Mac Mini(10.14.1)
    • Get screen no USB. Use Kext for USB I get a K Panic.
  • Run Multibeast from Mac mini to SSD installation. Get black screen, no USB and no network
  • Run Clover Config with the system definitions mentioned previously
    • Get no USB, No display. Get network as I can Screen share.
Using USB inject and or including the KEXT causes a K Panic.
This has been a nightmare to setup and I bought parts to future proof in the long run. I dont want to return the parts as I got extremely good deals on them one of which I cant return and is a hard to come by Lian-Li PC-Q28.

Again doing Unibeast boot works with assist but failed installation (its is being installed on APFS drive)
I have already made the needed changes in UEFI .

Can some point me in the correct direction or have a complete EFI folder that I can use? I dont know whats causing difficulty with supported hardware. I have usually gone alone resolved my issues in the past decade but this is the first time I am asking for help getting a system up on supported hardware.
Not open for further replies.