<< Solved >> Boot failed with Intel HD 4600 and Radeon RX 580

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Should I try different SMBIOS? Currently, I am on iMac15,1 should I switch to iMac14.1?


iMac15,1 is the best SMBIOS to use on a Z97 Mobo + i7 4790K.

Should I try a different PCI slot?

It's certainly worth a try.

Could it be just a faulty or maybe not compatible RX 580 card?

The AMD RX 580 is a very stable and compatible dGPU, it's probably the most widely used dGPU in the hackintosh world. I've never come across the micro stutter issue that your experiencing. Lilu and WEG should take care of configuring it.

Make sure that the dGPU is running with native dGPU power management (AGPM), see this guide for more info :-

@jaymonkey thank you for the information, I also wanted to try Open Core bootloader instead of Clover to see if it makes any difference, need to get a separate SSD to test it out.
thank you for the information


If AGPM is not enabled or working correctly then it might explain the micro stutters, although I believe WEG should take care of that these days .... you can use the guide I linked you to above to check the IOREG to see if AGPM is present and enabled.

I also wanted to try Open Core bootloader instead of Clover to see if it makes any difference, need to get a separate SSD to test it out.

It may help as OC is far more precise in how it goes about doing things ... the downside is that you have to initially work a bit harder on your config.plist but the upside is that sometimes it can pay off with more stable system.

Let me know how you get on ...

Thank you for your advice, really appreciate it, I plan to get a separate SSD and try to do the same with Open Core boot loader, will report when I try this
endryha, it is not related to your problem that it is already solved but maybe can you help me. I have a XFX RX 590 that fans not spinning on macOS also at high temps (but works fine on Windows with AMD Drivers). So can you confirm that your Sapphire RX 580 works fine, also the fans? I am thinking to return RX 590 and take RX 580.

Hi all, I wanted to report back about my issue after trying various things including OC bootloader.
Just to summarize, the original issue was that I wasn't able to boot into macOS without added Device Properties for iGPU (Intel HD 4600), when I did, I was able to boot into the system, however, at certain conditions (couldn't define what exactly) kernel_task process fully loads CPU and macOS becomes extremely unresponsive. So, this is a problem definition just to remind you what it was like in simple terms.

I don't want to list everything that I tried, because probably it is not relevant to problem resolution.
I've been playing with the OC bootloader which worked significantly better with my RX 580 video card, but, at some point, my BIOS failed in such a way that I had to bring it to the service for reflashing (unsolder bios chips and flash with programmator).
Then with completely clean BIOS I simply put my RX 580 and booted with Colver (without any configuration).
And, surprisingly it worked as a charm, super snappy, no UI freezes, no issues at all.
Basically, as it supposes to be RX 580 is native hardware for macOS and this time it worked as expected.

My best guess that it has something to do with BIOS/UEFI/NVRAM. I think there was something that made my system unstable when I removed GTX 770 and put RX 580 instead, there was something misconfigured in the system.

I would really like to know your opinion on what it could be, maybe this happens only when you switching hardware vs building a brand new Hackintosh, I don't really know, but as I mentioned I am 99.9% sure it has something to do with BIOS.

Thank you

Try reducing the IGPU DVMT allocation size to 64 or 128 MB.
MacOS normally expects a size of 64 MB but some BIOS's do not offer this in which case use 128 MB instead.

Install Lilu + WhatEverGreen and configure the IGPU as Headless, see this guide for more info :-

The examples in the "Headless" section of the guide are straight from my Z97 system with a HD4600 IGPU so you can use those examples as they are, also as detailed in the guide I recommend you use the iMac15,1 SMBIOS.

Most Z97 BIOS's have an option called "IGPU Multi-Monitor" which is usually required to be enabled to get the IGPU and dGPU working nicely together (at least in my experience), here is what that option looks like on my ASRock Z97 System (see White Knight build in my sig for full specs) :-

View attachment 478611

If you don't have this option then check to see if there is a BIOS update that offers it, if not it's probably there but is a hidden option (not all OEM's offer all BIOS options). You might be able to enable the "Multi-Monitor" option by dumping the BIOS and finding the relevant offset in the data and modifying the value directly from a EFI tool.

I have never done this myself as have no need, but it should be possible, other users have to do a similar thing in order to alter the DVMT allocation on BIOS's that do not allow it to be set. Be warned that the method does carry a risk of breaking things if you try randomly setting values but as long as you find the correct offset it should work.

Thank you for your guidance.

I've followed your guide for a headless iGPU configuration and it worked for Platform ID 0x0412000B
I tried a similar approach before but it didn't work for some reason.

macOS seems to run smoothly and Hackintool reports that VDA Decoder is Fully Supported

I guess that now I am good to go with my RX 580.

Thanks a lot

dear Endryha and jaymokey,
My trouble look like this but the problem I just use only 4K monitor connect DisplayPort on iGPU (my RX 580 has DVI D only). So can I use 2 VGA together for increase performance?
And what should I do?

my new thread is here

ps: my mainboard is also support MultiMonitor iGPU
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