Black screen when boot in legacy mode/ is this possible to get back to a UEFI boot?

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Mar 7, 2018
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Hello Everyone,

I've got a 4 months old High Sierra hackintosh, which works very well (I think that my configuration is up in my profile) until I chose to boot macOs from the hard disk, and not from the usb stick. I read that if my windows is in legacy mode, so I have to do the Clover thing in legacy mode, what i've done. And since I've done that, I can boot on my HDD, but it has no clover in the beginning (directly the apple logo), end the loading bar is almost full, my screen flash, then I have a black screen. It does the same thing when I boot on legacy mode on usb, but not in UEFI mode. I read somewhere that it's due to the fact that my screen is connected on a DVI port, and in legacy mode only the displayports work.
I've redone a clover in multibeast in UEFI mode, but I think it's still in the first thing i've done : legacy mode.
My question is : can I erase the legacy mode i've made with multibeast, to do a UEFI mode in clover?
Instead of this, is it normal that I've no Clover boot screen when i launch my hackintosh from the HDD?
Or do I have to format my disk, and to do a new macOs installation?
Thanks everyone for your replies!
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