Big delay during boot

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I don't want to go back to regular ssd drive so I'm looking for an nvme drive without boot issues. I read somewhere that the chip of wd sn750 is "more" compatible that's why we don't read reports for big delays from users with wd drives but I want to be 100% sure before I buy it.
It looks like @deeveedee is using WD SN750's. You could try asking him whether he has the slow boot issue. His post.
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unfortunately he still uses Big Sur, on Big Sur I didn't have any issue, the problem is with Monterey
It seems like he's in the process of upgrading to Monterey, or preparing for it at least, unless I misread between the lines. It may be worthwhile watching.
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if you have a nvme with apfs the trim is always enabled
Yeah, I'm using APFS. I was talking about Third Party Trim driver (please review attach.) It was disabled before. If I understood correctly you said, that I didn't need to enable it, right?


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Well, I found the suggested solutin here:
But, I don't want to do the clean install since I have a lot of configured software and environments on my PC..
If you have a spare drive, back up you're current install then do a clean install, and after you can use migration assistant. I recently transferred my system from Catalina to Big Sur that way and it did a superb job. Everything was identical even down to the number of tabs I had open in Chrome and Safari.
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