[Beta release] NativeDisplayBrightness 0.0.5 testing [updated]

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I am indeed interested in helping you out. Let me know how to get in touch with you if more direct communication and feedback is what you are after.

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Thanks a lot, works perfectly with my Asus PA248Q monitor...And it's amazing, feels so close to a reel Mac now.

I had to install function flip as per stipulated in page 2, because I have a magic keyboard too. IT's PERFECT, thanks so much, if you need any help for further testing on a magic keyboard, I'm very happy to help :)

Also I have autohide dock, and no problem so far.
You can unfreeze the dock by hovering your mouse over it and slowly moving it upwards and away from the dock. It then autohides properly.
Yes I noticed this. I was looking for a better solution.
Thanks anyway :)
Okay so this is how to help me figure the apple brightness keys out: (@Dashy @Applementalist ?)

Download the attached application and execute it. Go to the keyboards tab and then press the brightness up and down keys. "Key Up" and "Key Down" events should appear in the app. Please take a screenshot of it and post it here, thanks.



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