Best GPU for Premiere Pro/After Effects CS6 [SOLVED]

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I just completed my build with GeForce GTX 680 card and ran all of the latest Nvidia drivers for Mountain Lion 10.8.2. I also did that patch where you add your GPU to your txt file via terminal. Now CUDA does show up in Premiere Pro and After Effects but I cannot play any video whatsoever within Premiere Pro. I can play video only with things like VLC but not PPro. Has anyone experienced this or do you know of a solution? I feel like I'm so close as I have everything working very well other than this one issue, but this is a biggie because its whole reason why I built this machine: Video Editing.
Hi Pete

I'm intrested in the way you fixed your issue!

i m still hesitating between the GTX660Ti and the GTX680 (that i hope i can afford one day)

did you get any answer ever since?


go for 660ti or even gtx660. I bought myself 660ti and i`m 100% satisfied with Premiere pro performance. Have finished a few pretty complex video projects on my machine and so far it`s very stable. Video scrubbing and playback is smooth even with 4 video tracks simultaneously with effects like curves or gaussian blur.
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