BCM943225HMB unstable WiFi connection

Mar 2, 2015
Classic Mac
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Hello community,

I recently build myself a Hackintosh with an Intel NUC D54250WYK (Core i5) and a BCM943225HMB (Single-band WiFi b/g/n + BT 3.0).
I installed Yosemite by using MiniHack's guide. It works almost flawlessly. The bluetooth is working OOB with my Apple Wireless Keyboard and Apple Magic Trackpad. So no problems there.
However, the WiFi is driving me crazy because it is freakin' unstable. Shortly after booting I almost never can open any website. After 1 or 2 minutes it's mostly smooth. I can open webpages fast and the download speeds are around 15-20 Mbit/s. Not that fast (got a 200/20 internet connection) but ok for my needs; especially for wifi. However after some more minutes I can't even watch YouTube videos in 240p anymore because it is buffering endlessly. If that happens I can't even start a download (I use a speedtest file for testing). It just says "Starting..." in Chrome. Sometimes it just gets very, very slow. Then I just get 0.5Mbit download speed on with WiFi.
With Ethernet (and IntelMausiEthernet 1.0.0) I get my full 200Mbit download and 20Mbit upload.

Today I replaced my router with a new one (TP-Link Archer C7 v2; WiFi b/g/n/ac 1300Mbit + 450Mbit). It is a lot better now, but still kinda unstable. I now normally get 40Mbit download and it sometimes drops down to about 3-5MBbit and the ping goes up to 100ms (normal is about 15ms).
So yeah, the new router improved the wifi quality a significant bit, but it's still not as reliable as I thought it would be.

Possible solutions I tried:

- SSDT enabler (default method MiniHack's using) (wireless_half-mini/airport_ssdt_enabler/airport_ssdt-ami7& - SSDT-2.aml)
- Kext enabler (toledaARPT.kext)
- Clover method (Skvo): Enable 'AddDTGP', 'FixAirport' and set WIFI to '0x43a014e4'.

Everytime I get the same result. I can normally connect to any available WiFi access point but have a really unstable connection.

Is there any solution to my problem? Is it possible to rebrand the card so I don't have to apply any fixes/patches (would this even fix my problem?!)?

If there's no solution to this problem, I consider buying a native BCM94360CD with Mini-PCIe adapter and an extra pair of antennas.
Is this going to work OOB (WiFi + BT):

1x BCM94360CD -
1x Mini-PCIe Adapter -
2x 1 pair antennas -

I don't want to buy something that's only half-working.

Thanks in advance for the help.

- M1lk4h0l1c