Audio work with apple ALC realteck 898 but no audio HDMI work

Oct 21, 2014
MSI GP72M 7REX Leopart Pro
HD 630+GTX 1050 TI
Hello , I would like to solve the HDMI audio output. My audio Realteck ALC898 is functional with appleALC id 98. But no charge codec for HDMI or Dp audio.
My Connectors are normally well patched, no audio-related modif in the DSDT.
However I manage to get the audio on HDMI or DP when I boot with a Config.plist by usurping the Kabylake by a skylake with the argument Lillu cpu =8 and an ID platform for an HD530. In this case I have the audio is well detected realteck & intel HDMI and functional with layout 98...
If I reboot with my normal config.plist: no more HDMI audio.
On the other hand , and it gets interesting , if during my sessions in version "Skylake spoofing" and I rebuild the cache (with Kext beat) I keep the HDMI audio when I reboot with my normal Kaby plist config. But if I rebuild the cache again and the permission I lose the audio via HDMI.....
I hope someone can shed some light on this.
Thank you in advance,