Audio suddenly stopped working

Jun 29, 2016
Gigabyte Designare Z390
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So I’ve been running a pretty clean build of my hackintosh for a while now. Everything (including audio) has always worked pretty much perfectly. I first started about two years ago, and used voodooHDA for the audio. I did a clean install a few months back and found that I did not need any special kexts to get out of the box audio.

A few days ago my girlfriend states that she heard a popping noise coming from my desktop. After going to check on it, I found that my audio was no longer working. The speakers work perfectly fine, but I’ve got no audio output from my desktop in any form. Not from rear output, not from the front case IO, and my windows audio also seems to have stopped working.

Ive played around with lilu and appleALC and while they definitely work (they are running as shown by ioreg, and they changed my audio outputs available and enabled auto switching between front and rear headphone jack), ive still got no sound. Sometimes I get a low humming, but that’s about it. In Windows, Ive got no output from the rear output, and I get random noise in both my speakers and my headphones when I plug any headphones in. The only other audio I get is random popping during boot.

I’m thinking that my mobo somehow shorted and I need to replace it, although I would really hope to be able to do some other checks before doing that because my PC is water cooled and built out of a case under my desk and changing any parts will involve dismantling the entire desk to get to them. Also I don’t really fancy starting my hackintosh from scratch again, as i got lucky with iMessage the second time around (i had nothing to do, it worked out of the box on a clean install). I thought about getting a sound card but I still won’t get my front audio connections back with that solution if my mobo is the culprit.

Any suggestions are really appreciated.
Nov 21, 2016
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hey i'm having the same issue, did you find any sollution to this?
i tried doing sound from bluetooth and it work but not through cable from any jack/io.

i'm wondering if its hardware or software issue.

i'm running sierra, onboard 887 realtek and voodoohda driver.