Audio and Video problems on Sierra 10.12.5 (HDMI and built-in audio)

Jul 6, 2013
Gigabyte Z77 Z370XP SLI
Intel i7 8700K
Mobile Phone
Hey the Hackintosh community !

This is my first post. I'm kind of a noob with hackintosh even if use mine for 3 years now and I got several questions for you. I'll really appreciate any help.

By the way, sorry I put this thread both in graphics and audio category as it concerns both.

First, this is my build:

Gigabyte Z77-DS3H
Intel I7 3770k

I uploaded my Multibeast settings and my clover folder zipped (without themes) if needed.

Well let's start ! Yesterday I updated from Mountain Lion (I think it was 10.8.5, not sure...) to Sierra (10.12.5). After struggling for some time, I finally managed to install Sierra but now I still got two problems:

- First, I only have VGA output. My HDMI doesn't work so I can't use my second (and best) monitor. I didn't install Nvidia drivers because I've already tried that and it didn't work (maybe I dit it the wrong way...) and also because I read somewhere the GTX 650 doesn't need Nvidia Drivers, it's supposed to work natively with OS X. And actually that's the case, it works with VGA without any drivers (even if I got some strange visual effects...).
What makes me hesitate is that wen I look on "About this Mac", it doesn't recognize the sound card. It tells me "Graphism: NVIDIA Chip Model 3 Mo", whereas when I installed Nvidia Drivers in a previous installation, it recognized my GPU: MSI GTX 650.
On Mountain Lion, everything had worked from the beginning without doing anything. So that's the first problem and the most frustrating one.

- My second problem is that I can't have built-in audio. And I already had this problem with Mountain Lion... I always had this problem but that didn't really bother me because I use an external sound card which worked well except one thing: when I had at least two applications using the sound card (for example Pro Tools and Itunes, or Itunes and VLC, etc...), I had some strange things in the sound, sorts of "mini phasing cuts" - sorry I know it doesn't make any sense but that's the best I found - really unpleasant, that forced to "relaunch" the sound card by changing the sampling frequency temporarily. And I had to do the trick every 10 minutes, something like that. Really frustrating... I had to quit every application using the sound card if I wanted to work on Protools. So I don't know if someone already experienced this fact (I found nothing on that) or maybe it's related to the fact of not having fully functional built-in audio drivers.... if someone's got an idea, I take it !
So you can see in the Multibeast settings that I chose ALC 887/888b and I read several times this was the good choice so I don't really understand.

These are my two main problems !
By the way, if miraculously someone can help me, can he also tell me how do I get HDMI audio ? With all that, I will be a man fulfilled.

Thanks for taking time to read me and I hope someone can help !



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