ATI Brand Radeon 4670 support – I tried search but no luck



I'm planning on building a hackintosh around black friday/cyber monday and I'm trying to pinch pennies. I have an ATi brand 4670 (1GB) handed to me by a friend who could never get it working with Snow Leopard and considering the video card was the biggest expense I'd love to use it.

I looked around and it seems as though different folk have gotten various makes of 4670 to work with SL but no one names the ATi brand itself. He and I built his current machine back in February and I'd love to think someone was kind enough to donate a 4670 to try and get it working.

At this point I'd be willing to paypal some cash if I could get some support to get it working with 10.6.5 if it isn't already, I'm already planning on tossing a few bucks (as is another friend of mine) to the crew that maintains this incredible resource.

soon to be osx86 user