ASUS P7P55D E Pro Mojave guide

Jan 20, 2011
Gigabyte Z270X
RX 580
  1. MacBook Pro
  2. Mac mini
Mobile Phone
  1. iOS
Hello folks - I know I'm behind the times but I've just got around to swapping out the GPU in my server to a Sapphire RX560 so that I can get past High Sierra and onto Mojave.

As the machine's been a bit shonky and shuffled about over the years, and I had a spare SSD lying about I went from scratch for the install.

Usual steps to prepare the unibeast drive and stick the appropriate multibeast on the drive as well. Legacy mode, but that's it.
Then I disconnected all drives apart from the clean SSD that i'll be installing the OS on to.
F8 to boot from thumb drive, install (verbose), at reboot F8 again, go across to Install preboot and select it (verbose). Then at reboot F8 again, go across to install drive.

The when I was in a working system, I installed superduper and cloned to another drive (CleanClone) in case it went wrong. Then multibeast options:

Quick Start > Clover Legacy Boot Mode
Drivers > Disk > Intel Generic AHCI SATA Drivers > Misc > FakeSMC
Drivers > Network > Realtek > RealtekRTL8111 v2.2
Drivers > USB > 3rd Party USB 3.0
Bootloaders > Clover Legacy Boot Mode
Customize > System Definitions > iMac > iMac 14,2

I later realised that I now use a PCIE network card so I had to install Intel kexts as well, but that was all simple. (on board works fine with the realtek kext but i needed multiple ethernet ports so went for the card)

Audio works OOB over HDMI. Shutdown is a bit shonky sometimes - works about one time out of 3 without rebooting, but its a server so I don't switch it off anyway.

Plugged my drives back in, some of the on board Sata ports didn't seem to work but I've got a PCIE card in there giving me extras so tused them instead and it works.

I then used migration assistant to restore my user to the new install, a bunch of applications didnt copy across for some reason but I just dragged and dropped from the old drive and all the appSupport files had copied so most of my settings are all good.

I know I could have sorted more with the sata but i dont have time to chase the problems at the moment so i've worked around them.

If anyone else is still using this old board (it was my first customac board) I hope this is useful!