Asus announces WS C621 Sage dual socket (LGA-3647)

Dec 29, 2012
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Hi there,
I bought a true Mac Pro 2019 base line W3223-32GB , and then was very lucky to get a really killer deal on a W3235 16 core processor and 128G of RAM, swapped the CPU and the RAM , all good up and running!
Then I had the luck to fin a brand new ASUS Pro WS C621-64L SAGE10g board... for 450€...
and I pulled the trigger...
I have a Supermicro sc846 chassis laying around, so I went ahead and bought a Noctua cooler

I could go 2 way: install Windows , slap one of the Areca 1180 RAID card , 24 x2TB hsgt, and a GTX 1080 and call it a day... sell the whole thing on eBay for 3 grand ... or I could try to boot OSX and see if I can make a stable hackintosh...

At the beginning I was just looking for a way to sell the 8 core CPU and RAM with the I junk already have, and, honestly, I am happy with the 2019 Mac Pro. But, if I can manage to make Catalina boot fast and easy, I would give it a try and let you guys know how it works ...

My only issue is that I haven’t built a hackintosh since my Z77-UP5 TH with a i7-3770K... It served me well for 2 years, and I sold it to a gamer. But I was happy to go back to a maxed out 2012 with dual X5690.

So what would I need to try to install Catalina on this machine?