Assus Z97-A. Installation Problems - Need Help

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Jan 31, 2019
Asus Z97-A
HD 4400
Assus Z97-A BIOS v.1204, i3-4160 3.6GHz, 2x8Gb 1600Mhz. no external video card.
HDD Seagate 120Gb ST3120814A (set to: cable select).

I asked my friend to write down Mojave + add MultiBeast to the USB-drive 16GB. I succeeded to install Mojave on my PC. I was able to navigate around and use Internet.
However, I have several issues:
- After installation, I wasn't able to restart new OS without USB-drive.
- After choosing "start from HDD", the system has been downloading for 30 seconds and restarted again.
- After several attempts, I was able to see Mojave Welcome screen and navigate around with earlier added credentials.
- After reloading, same issue again. I did "STEP 5: Post Installation with MultiBeast" two times - no success.
- Sometimes the BIOS doesn't detect HDD (50/50%).

What I forgot to do?
Should I check HDD settings or use bigger USB-drive (~32GB) to install Mojave on it as allegedly it needs 8-9 GB to work properly?
I'm not sure that my friend did load Mojave through UniBeast.
When erasing HDD, I used "Apple" option I/O of recommended For Format: choose Mac OS Extended (Journaled) - as I remember.
What point should I check?

By the way, Mojave-flash drive was written about 6 months ago, and now says it's damaged, fixed by setting date for 2 years back.
Your ideas are welcome! thank you.
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