Arm chips might be the future?

Jul 30, 2011
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Even if we like it or not in the (near!) future i86/i64 will (might) be the PPC of the paste!

it seems after Apple and their M1 Family M$ is also thinking of jumping ship.

Microsoft is reportedly developing its own ARM-based chips for Surface PCs

It sounds like Apple isn’t the only company that wants to reduce its reliance on Intel. According to Bloomberg, Microsoft is developing in-house ARM processors to power its Surface devices and could infrastructure. Developing...

Of course i32/i64 will still be here for a forcible future
M$ cannot like Apple just kill off windows on Intel.
M$ still has to drag some 'old' stuff for the sake of business compatibility.
Just have a look at the number of old platforms still supported and some old Apps which still run.
Just think for 2" if M$ decided to have (let say) w10-64 only and kill off all 32 bits Apps as Apple did. They cannot simply do it!

The 'Next' generation of Hackintosher will be talking Arm as we talk i86/i64 right now and will be thinking of Intel the same way as we do about PPC