AR9285 for Yosemite?

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Mar 14, 2015
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i bought from a friend a used laptop for about 40$.touchpad doesn't really work and heatsink needs a change...immediately!!!!only 1 of the 3 usb ports work and the only thing i found interesting when i opened this thing has an atheros AR9285 chipset.
My main hackintosh laptop (lenovo z510) doesnt have compatible pcie card and i was thinking for a long time to change it.Replacing this will it make work?or shall i buy a new one and fix this laptop?
Does the fix worth it? i could really use some help here.
The used laptop is a sony vaio 14" (VPCEA1S1E).should i keep the vaio as it is,should i give the money to fix it and keep it as windows laptop and/or hackintosh it?or just use it for parts? any help is appreciated.:D
AR9285 is working with 10.10.3 as I tested in a Dell personally.

But,but, Lenovo ususally has the whitelist for hardware.
That means most probably your Z510 can't recognize the AR9285 and you need modify the BIOS to let the Z510 to accept the wifi card if wannt to use it.Dell's bios dosn't have the limitation,I just replace the intel with Atheros.

HP too,has a whitelist,FYI.

Good luck.
:( :(
2 questions then ;)
1)how can i mod the bios?i have been searching but havent found a working bios whitelist removal tool :(
2)the same lenovo laptop (z510) is also sold with atheros ar9485...does this mean ar9285 can work too?
(i dont know,just assuming bcoz they are both atheros....)

Why not install the AR9285 and see what happens?
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