AppleHDA HDMI Audio [Guide]

Mar 30, 2011
Lenovo thinkcentre M82
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Hello - new to this thread but not to hackintosh :)

I was recently trying to hack my lenovo m82 SFF.
I use it for my HTPC.
I installed an Asus geforce 710.
Graphics work OOB.
Internet fine. ( with intelmausiethernet)
All I really need as well is HDMI audio.
Those three things would be enough for my HTPC.
I was really struggling with the HDMI, and have tried a lot of the advice here, with no success.
Eventually tried with Nvidiagraphicsfixup and Lilu in /other, but no joy :(
Then I thought I'd try them both in System/library/extensions.
Blow me down- works straight away?
I know some people don't like reinstating kexts after updates, but I come from the hackintosh era of snow leopard, so it doesn't bother me!
Posted this in case it might help someone.

Feb 18, 2011
Gigabyte Z390 I Aorus Pro Wifi
UHD 630 & Vega 56
Hi Toleda

You helped me fix my HDMI a couple of months ago. Had a problem a few weeks ago and it stopped working on 10.13.4. HDMI is showing as an output but there is no sound when selected. Tried various methods to get it going again with no luck. Decided to do a clean install with 10.13.5 but still not working. Really appreciate it if you could have a look at this again.

For info my system comprises and HDMI audio extractor which outputs HDMI audio to AV receiver via coaxial cable. This was working under 10.13.4 previously as mentioned. Have tested with windows and confirmed working so I don't think this is a hardware problem.

Problem reporting as follows:

1. No HDMI audio output.
2. macOS 10.13.5/Gigabyte GA 97X-UD5H-BK/F8/Intel Core i7 4790K/Nvidia 750ti.
3. Clover HDMI install procedure.
4 - 10. Attached

Many thanks.


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Jun 11, 2013
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Yewwo :)

I am having issues getting HDMI audio working on my GTX 1080 Ti, so I'll run down the list of requested items to help you assist me in troubleshooting:

1) I've just recently (as in yesterday) upgraded from my GTX 780 OC to a brand spanking new EVGA 1080 Ti FTW3 Elite Gaming Black (try saying that three times fast!). Graphics-wise, everything's peachy. Audio-wise is another matter unfortunately. Previously, using the audio_cloverHDMI-130_v0.8.command file, I was able to get HDMI audio flawlessly on my GTX 780, without even needing an SSDT. I was even able to get it to coexist with the ALC898 on the motherboard by using the audio_cloverALC-130_v0.5.command shell script. But with the 1080 Ti, that is no longer the case.

Initially I thought "OK, somehow the bloody system "forgot" how to do HDMI audio. But upon running that shell script again, it said HDMI audio was already installed. I wasn't sure how that was possible since there were zero kext hotpatch entries for HDMI audio in my config.plist, and I've never used voodooHDA or any other "HDMI audio" kext. It just...worked, all the way up to 7.1 (8 channel) 192 KHz.

What caught my attention was that the GTX 780 was registered as residing on the PEG0 location, but the 1080 Ti is somehow on the P0P2 location even though it is in the same PCIe slot the GTX 780 was in. I have not changed any firmware, OS version, or even drivers as I already had the nVidia web drivers installed.

2) System Specs:

OS: macOS 10.12.6 (16G1314)
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD5H
BIOS Version: F7
CPU: i7-4770k (Non-OC'd, as OC is unstable with my sample, sadly)
GPU: nVidia GTX 1080 Ti (EVGA FTW3 Elite Gaming Black, model 11G-P4-6796-K2)
nVidia Web Driver version: 378.05.05.25f08
Cables tested: Monoprice 22 AWG HDMI cable, 15 ft., certified Cat2; Blue Jeans Cable Series 1, 15 ft., certified Cat2
Device path: GTX 1080 Ti -> Yamaha CX-A5100 -> Samsung UNH7150 TV
Amplifier used: Monoprice Monolith M7X, connected via XLR.
Note: Display tested directly connected to GPU in addition to the CX-A5100.
HDMI Modes tested: 1 and 2 (CX-A5100).
HDMI Processing on CX-A5100: Disabled - Set to "through"/passthrough mode. Monitor Check: Disabled to prevent CX-A5100 from overriding resolution based on EDID.

3) Guide used: This guide. Method: CloverHDMI

4) AppleHDA.kext version: 279.48

5-10) Attached and ready for viewing.

What's really piquing my curiosity here is the unusual switch from PEG0 to P0P2 while being in the same physical slot with no change to either firmware, OS, or drivers. I expect oddities coming from High Sierra, but Sierra shouldn't have been affected as it predates 10.13.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully we'll start figuring out just why Pascal GPUs have so much trouble with native HDMI audio.


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Apr 15, 2018
i3 8100
Hi, i try to patch audio clover HDMI on IGPU UHD 630 but it show the device ID not supported?
i have working Apple HDA audio with Device ID 2

File: audio_cloverHDMI-130_v0.8.command

Release Mode

EFI partition is mounted


HDMI audio codec(s)

Intel: 0x8086280b

Device ID: 0x923e0000

923e0000 not supported

rm: /tmp/HDEF.txt: No such file or directory

AMD/Nvidia not found

No system files were changed

To save a Copy of this Terminal session: Terminal/Shell/Export Text As ...


Saving session...

...copying shared history...

...saving history...truncating history files...


[Process completed]