Apple Wired Aluminum Keyboard Repair

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Nov 25, 2010
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I have several of the thin aluminum wired keyboards here, the long ones with the number pad. A couple of weeks ago, one of them started acting up. It turned out that it lost the Q W E R TAB and LEFT SHIFT keys altogether and at the same time. Nothing had spilled on it, nor had it been dropped. I popped off the key covers and found nothing wrong with the pads.

??? :think:

Seeing as it was useless the way it was, I figured I'd try something bizarre to fix it. Thinking it was probably a loose micro connection inside somewhere, heres what I tried...

I turned on the oven to 225 degrees F and let it warm up. I used the convection fan to circulate the warm air inside. I put the Apple keyboard in a glass pyrex cake pan and popped it in the oven. Baked it at 225 convection for 12 minutes until the aluminum was too hot too touch. Took it out and let it cool at room temperature while sitting on a wooden cutting board.

After about 15 minutes, the aluminum had cooled to the point of just being slightly warm to the touch. The moment of truth had arrived. I plugged the USB cable into the back of my iMac build and typed the offending keys. IT WORKED!

The keyboard is now fully functional. In fact I've typed this entire post on it without any issue whatsoever.

Saved me 60 dollars replacing it, and only took a 1/2 hour. Can't argue with that. :thumbup:

Jul 12, 2013
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I'm in a smililar situation as you were.

I'm really into trying out your guide. But could you explain to me a just a little things on what you did please? I know it must been ages since you done this but you must remember the basic stuff.

I'll just ask straight.

Did you remove the keycaps of the keyboard before placing the keyboard in the oven? I ask this because I think they might melt inside the oven.

Did you put the metal side of the keyboard facing down or up?

Did you just warmed the oven at 225F and turned off before placing the keyboard inside? or the "fire" in the oven was still active when the keyboard was inside?

This is really bugging me off, I'm also not into spending more than 60 dollars in another keyboard since where I live Apple's stuff are really expensive and this keyboad cost about 80 dollars + shipping in where I live.

I have nothing to lose man, already tried "washing" it in the sink three times and nothing really.... nothing....

Hope your little guide works for me!
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