Apple Thunderbolt display

How Apple Thunderbolt Display works with your Hackintosh?

  • everything works

  • so good: solid boot bu no camera, no ethernet

  • inconsistent: sometime start, sometime not

  • it doesn't works

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Jan 9, 2017
Asrock 270 Fatality mini-ITX
HD 530
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Hi all,
I decided to write a post dedicated to the Thunderbolt display, where explain my attempts and ask help.
I pair the display with a z270 itx Asrock "Fatality", a mobo that on january promised finally the TB support,
in a mini-itx format. The gpu is a hd530 from an i7-6700k.

It was a challenging pairing, I knew, but I was curious to see if worked; there are some users found on forum
that had success with this display (with some minor issue).

So I found the TB display on ebay at a reasonable price (less than 500€) and tried.

I seen few things:
  1. it not start every time: sometime yes, sometime I have to reboot the hack pro, and/or unplug cable.
  2. when it start, it works as hub. I connected my HD firewire and, after cold boot, I see the disk on desktop. :clap:
    (Not yet tested a TB disk, but I am pretty sure it works)
  3. the built in speaker doesn't work natively (I have to ask on audio section? it's thunderbolt audio?)
  4. the built-in camera not recognized
Basically it seem that the Display is not working, if connected at booting, but connecting the Thunderbolt cable few seconds after - before the Bios screen - it start normally at 90% of times.

What I can do for a better Tb-video support? This monitor is gorgeus!

z270 users: I am using a 2,20A beta Bios that allow to see the bios screen.
Before it was needed a secondary display to see the Asrock setup and clover.


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