Apple Reveals macOS High Sierra at WWDC - Available Fall 2017

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Just updated to 10.12.6 Beta. It informed me that nVidia web drivers were not correct and were substituting others.
Took about 20-25 minutes. I am in the Win 10 Insider program, so updates are frequent for me, sometimes once a week. We'll see how it goes.
Updates scare me. Especially major updates.

Me too, being new to the wonderful world of Hackintosh, the last update went automatically by mistake, luckily it wasn't too bad to fix. Next one might not be so easy, but at the same time hoping soon to see native NVMe support, Kaby Lake support, better support for multiple monitors, my iGPU, etc. etc. This time, though, I'll sit back and watch everyone else update first, then after the kinks are worked out I'll jump in, no more auto-updates for me! :)
i would assume he meant the 10.12.6 beta, not 10.13.
Why should it be Z170? They both (Z170 and Z270) have the Socket 1151. So why should Apple choose the older chipset? I dont get that. And out of ifixit in my perspective its not clear what the used chipset is...
The fixit mentions "SR2C9," which is z170, but if anyone can tell me how to check whether it's z170 or 270 without me opening it, I'll take a look on one I just got hold of.
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