Apple Music Dolby Atmos bug

Jan 27, 2014
ASRock Z490 phantom gaming ITX/TB3
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RX 5500 XT/UHD 630
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Hi there,

I've started to listen more and more to Dolby Atmos and while it is amazing on a lot of tracks, there is a bug that seem to be present across Apple's product line and it's quite annoying; I am not talking about spatial audio which works fine by the way just Dolby Atmos.

The issue I am taking about is that sometimes when playing Dolby Atmos tracks, they will start playing without it and Dolby Atmos will then kick in sometimes after 3 seconds and in worst case scenario in 15 seconds.

I've tested on my iPhone using AirPods Pro, with borrowed AirPods Max connected to my iPhone, with AirPods Max in an Apple Store using a demo phone, on my iPad Pro using the speakers or AirPods Pro and on Stereo original HomePods connected to an Apple TV 4K and the bug is always there.

It happens both on 4G and on wifi; the only way the bug goes away is if I download the track instead of streaming it on Apple Music. This seem to be only happening with Apple Music, not with Apple TV's app when streaming Dolby Atmos movies.

I've added three samples of Apple Music Dolby Atmos tracks streaming through iPad Pro's speakers which I've recored with my iPhone to illustrate.

I'm currently investigating this with Apple and I hope they will fix this with the next software releases in September.

For those using Apple Music and AirPods, OG Homepods or non Apple headphones, are you also having this annoying glitch?



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