Apple Announces "3rd Transition" for macOS: From Intel CPUs to Apple Silicon

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So the community upcoming need will now be to force MS Windows into Mac hardware.
That makes sense.
???Why bother??
Why pay Apple premium for Mac hardware to run Windows on when you can build your own PC with off-the-shelf parts you select yourself to run Windows on? Windows contains drivers for >98% of PC parts.

Oh, and BTW, Windows will already run on Mac hardware with bootcamp drivers from Apple, so forcing is not necessary.
I been running my Hacks to Boot Win and Mac for a minute now PC-side for gaming and Hack for music and Film editing but also have been a Macbook guy I'm excited about the new chips. hopefully Apple goes off the Chart with the new machines ..... But come on we always win
We still have 6-7 years of hackintoshing. And than rthere will be great M2 Mac's and they still will be very expensive...
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