Any OpenGL / 3D / graphics developers around? (media artists, VJs, game devs,...)

Oct 2, 2011
Gigabyte Z68MA-D2H-B3
i7 2600k
GTX 960
Hi there,

I'm wondering who 's doing realtime graphics development on their hackintoshes? I'm an artist myself, using my HacPro as main machine for my audiovisual instruments and installations. Here's my most recent performance project:

That project is developed in Max/MSP/Jitter for 95%. It does the OpenGL rendering to 3 projectors (using a Matrox Triplehead2go), 5-channel audio rendering, sensor input mapping, DMX control of lighting, etc. A Processing app interfaces with the Kinect camera's and passes the data to Max.

And now for some questions:

The last few days I've spent on optimizing my system's framerate. Rendering stuck at 45 to 50 fps but I had the feeling the system could handle more. And it does. After lots of tweaking and reconfiguring I now have it at around 70 fps (my projectors output at 85Hz which is my ideal rendering target).

In the process I've noticed some strange and unpredictable behavior. Perhaps someone has some insights in this.

First about my system: I have my 1920x1080 working display connected to the HDMI port of my HD6870 graphics card. The rendering output is on DVI-1. Size is 2400x600 which is split to 3 x 800x600 by the triplehead2go.

Things I noticed:

- With the working display set as main display and positioned to the left (in OSX's display preferences) and the MaxMSP OpenGL rendering output to the right, my fps drops to 50 as soon as my Processing app starts running on the working display. Processing is not drawing any graphics, just a black window.

- After hours of searching I resolved this by putting the rendering output to the left of the working display and put the Processing window on it as well, hidden behind the OpenGL window. So the left-right order of displays seems to matter.

- I want to add a 4th projector to the system. My triplehead is populated so I have to put it on another graphics card port, mini-displayport-1 for example. Whether I set the OpenGL window to stretch to the 4th output or make it a separate rendering context I now see the OpenGL fps rising and falling periodically between 70+ and 50 fps consistently every 5 seconds. I haven't found a way to resolve this.

Does anyone have an explanation for these symptoms? Similar or diverging experiences? With the same hardware or different? Looking for ways to improve my system...

Greetz, Dieter