ansResource's Haswell Budget H81M-H - i3-4340 - GeForce 610 (~$400)

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Feb 15, 2014
Gigabyte H81m-H, 1TB, 8GB RAM
GT 610
ansResource's Haswell mATX:
GA-H81M-H - i3-4340 - HD 4600/GeForce 610


Gigabyte H81M-H (Socket 1150) Motherboard ($49, free after rebate & combo)

Intel i3-4340 Haswell @ 3.6ghz ($139, but combo with mobo/processor = $149 after tax and rebate for both board and cpu)

Crucial Ballistix Sport 16gb kit (8gbx2) DDR3 1600 ($74)

Corsair 8gb DDR3-1600 RAMCMV8GX3M1A1600C11 ($75)

EVGA GeForce 610 DDR3 2gb ($45 after $10 rebate)

Samsung 850 EVO 250gb ($89)

1TB WD BLUE SATA3 HD, 64MB Cache WD10EZEX ($59)

Rosewell mATX Case w/ PSU

Already Owned

An assortment of flash drives, a bunch of monitors at work


Update 10/3/15: This computer has been performing wonderfully for over a year and a half. Somewhat recent upgrades (last 6 months or so) include swapping out the 8gb memory I had for 2x8gb pair and upgrading to an SSD. The SSD was by far the best upgrade for performance! Running 3 x Dell U2412M 24" monitors, two on the discrete card and one via onboard hdmi / Intel 4600HD graphics. I use this computer for work, exclusively, and it remains on over the weekend most of the time. A true work horse that lead me to build a new Hackintosh just a couple of days ago (10/1/15) and actually splurge for some good parts :)

Update 2/17/14: At work currently using system for its first day. Has hung up completely 3 times now, mouse just stops moving and nothing else responds, have to restart. Not sure where to start in diagnostics, only one of the three times has produced anything in console (Graphics kernel error: 0xfffffffd). Chrome has been open every time, and this last time I was on a page with a bunch of gifs. Currently running one monitor on 610 card, one using onboard. Will try switching both to gfx card and more research.

So I'm historically not a Mac guy but landed a mobile developer job about a year ago at an awesome company here in Denver that also does iOS apps. So I quickly picked up Mac and enjoyed using the Macbook Pro (Mid 2012 model) that they provided. I've had to lug it from home and to work most days and decided finally that I'd just build a desktop to keep there.

I won't go in to details about the install except to say that it was PAINLESS. I followed the guide here to a T and have no issues whatsoever. Sound works, USB2.0/3.0 both work (tested transfer to external drive, USB3 definitely faster so it seems to be functioning), network works. Computer will be wired at office so no need for a wireless card. I'll use one of my little USB Bluetooth dongles whenever the need arises. ALSO, it goes to sleep without a hitch and comes back to life with no issues. The power supply included in the cheapo case had no mention of Haswell compatibility but I guess it's working.

I didn't need a beastly system, just something that ran as well as my Macbook and gave me the option of hooking up a few more monitors. I currently use a mini display -> HDMI and USB -> HDMI at work giving me two monitors on my macbook, should be able to throw an extra monitor in now. I'll fiddle around with using onboard HDMI and discrete card in the future. This computer will just check office email and run messenger, run xCode, Eclipse IDE, and Photoshop. Could have saved some cash reusing a SATA2 drive I had and just running onboard video but whatever! This was so much more painless than I expected, I'll post any problems I run in to, should I experience them.

Big thanks to trs96 for posting the thread about the motherboard/cpu combo at Microcenter!

benchmark_Desktop2_zps2a41b158.jpg versus benchmark_Laptop_zpsa574506d.jpg

benchmark from 10/3/15 with the SSD and memory upgrades:

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Jul 30, 2012
HD4600 / RX 570
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Very nice work @ansresource, you're one of the lucky ones that lives near a Microcenter. :thumbup:

I'll have one opening up about a 50 minute drive away from where I live sometime this year.
Let us know how it works out for your everyday use. Congrats.
Nov 8, 2013
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Dear anresource,

Were you able to find out why your Hackintosh locked up? I am planning to buy a motherboard almost exactly like yours.

Feb 18, 2013
mavericks 10.9.2
i5 3670k
HD 4600
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Hey great post btw on the h81m-h series board I have a couple questions though if you can please help. So this is my 3rd hackintosh build and already purchased the parts my first main hackintosh was a
1. z87x-ud5h
2. 16gb ram 1600mhz corsair
3. i5 4670k
4. corsair carbide 400r
5. kingston hyperx 120gb ssd + 3+2=6 tb wd red
6. cx 750m power supply
7. bluetooth dongle, cd drive, card reader, plus more etc etc bla bla you get the point

This system was super simple easiest ever multibeast and unibeast installation but i'm not too familiar with these h81 b85 chipset outside of z87 z77 chipsets on compatibility and troubleshooting so I just want to make sure before I start the process I dont run into any trouble. I bought the components listed below Microcenter (ofcourse =) love that freakin store) and just want to get your insight

1. H81M-H rev 1.1 bios update to F5
2. i5 4570 (normal) non overclock
3. 8gb (one stick) crucial ram 1600mhz
4. cd drive
(everything else I already had since I am upgrading an older gateway PC for my wifes office setup since she uses most apple products and windows 8.1 kinda just well sucks)
the older pc is just the case with 2 usb 2.0 ports and a 400W power supply which seems to work just fine, didnt want to buy another one to save money since haswell is low power anyway and she is obvious not a gamer. no discrete graphics card needed just wanted to use hd 4600

SO I am wondering
1. Is this board DSDT Free installation for multibeast
2. What bios settings should be used. (I know the usual i believe xhci to auto and vt-d disable) but anything else?
3. How do I find out all the other drivers for anyboard for that matter? such as audio (i believe is alc887, ethernet, usb 3, trim i believe needs to be enabled, 1080p does that need enabled?

Ive never had to modify any chameleon .org plist or dsdt or .aml so just a little hesitant on how to approach it if so. and never used kextbeast if needed to use that for patches.

Thanks for your help sorry for the long post :thumbup:
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