Another inevitable "Will it work!?" thread, warning: high verbosity

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I was afraid that might be the case. Thanks very much for the information and link. Twenty applications per tube... I should be able to get it right if I don't scrap the CPU first. :crazy:

Remember that with thermal paste to use VERY sparingly - you only want an extremely thin layer. I usually put a small dot in the center and spread it around with my finger to cover the whole CPU. If it squeezes out around the edges when you put the cooler on you've applied too much. Just remember how little of the pre-applied stuff was on there and you'll be fine.
Alright, alright, alright!

I'm posting this message from my new and, as far as I can tell, fully-functioning Hack-Pro! I ran into a few hiccups during the install process, and had to install SL and download ML twice each before getting things to run. But now things seem to be working incredibly smoothly, with the only required troubleshooting so far consisting in changing one setting in the BIOS. Many many thanks to everyone who answered my questions - I'll try to get a full build report posted in the coming days.
Hi there,

I'm an european user too having the same difficult to buy a Syba card. I should order it from Amazon paying €56 and waiting 3 weeks.

I building my hack with your exact configuration: i5 3570k HD4000 Z77 DS3H and I need firewire. I found here in Italy the Exsys card with 2 FW800 and 1 400 port using the same Syba's TI chipset.

Are you still using the Exsys card? Are you using FW for audio application?

I would appreciate your help. Thanks.
Actually I've decided to just ditch firewire altogether and move on to a usb interface. It seems that firewire is a dying standard, and I only really had one piece of equipment that I'll have to replace (aka upgrade!) to get things back up to snuff. Good luck!
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