Another G3 "Blue & White" Case (first)

Sep 1, 2012
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Long time reader, first time writer. My first computer was a Powerbook "Lombard" G3 in 2003 (4 years old when I snagged in for a few hundred bucks). I moved on to a Quicksilver G4, a white Macbook "Core Duo", and now a 15" "Sandy Bridge" Macbook Pro. I'm currently a system admin who, while confident in things computer-related, is not much of a handyman. I'll be using a first generation Powermac G3 B&W. This machine was actually given to me by a friend whom I used to play Age of Empires II with (on my Lombard) when we were younger. Lots of sentimental value. :)

Plan A: Dual, roof-mounted water coolers, floor-mounted PSU

Plan B: Single roof-mounted water cooler, single front panel water cooler, back roof-mounted PSU.I tried to measure all the parts very carefully before buying. If I measured correctly I can do what I want and all will fit.

We will see if I made some mistakes or not :)Build:

Priorities here were cheap now with room for improvement. List pricing (without the SSDs that I had lying around) comes to around $675. Got the lot for under $400, so... I'm happy.





My tentative plan for the CPU and GPU fans and radiators is to mount them perpendicular, sticking up the side of the "door" above the motherboard. Closing the door would position them at the top of the case, facing up. For clearance I'm looking at cutting the roof off the case and attaching it as a hinge, expanding on the open feel of the case. It'd be like a brief case. :)


Cutting off the top of the case may reduce structural integrity... I think at a worse-case I'd need to full close and "latch" the case prior to lifting by the handles. I don't plan on throwing this around, so not a deal breaker.

Also, regardless of using water coolers or stock air, having a floor mounted PSU means it will be in very close proximity to the GPU. I've measured about a half inch clearance. With water cooling, I'm not too worried about heat, but it's worth noting that the actual components within the PSU would be facing upward, closest to the GPU in a floor-PSU layout.

Day 1



That was annoying


It's sooo classy and hip! I'm half-tempted to not paint it so you can see the original G3 through the sides... we'll see.


I failed art class. The gist is upward-facing fan and radiators on the door, which face upward when closed. Cutting would entail chopping off the roof to make a second door, cutting vents in the top (might just be the plastic, not sure yet). And then cutting additional vent out of the floor for PSU intake. This layout promotes bottom-up airflow, prioritizes the PSU (only air-cooled component), and with the dual water-coolers should be insanely cool and quiet in a very compact layout. Spare room, for my Raspberry Pi servers I'll add in later... ;)

I ordered the mobo, second cooler, and some cabling yesterday, so all remaining parts should be in my hands in the next 1-2 weeks (Christmas can slow things down). I will be heading to Uncle Scott's house for cutting/ drilling as soon as the they arrive.

I appreciate thoughts, questions, feedback, advice! Merry Christmas!

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Aug 12, 2012
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Also, a rivet gun is handy in case you want to take off the door or shelves ect. you can pick one up at a local hardware store. very easy to use and gives OEM finish ,

if you need to remove a rivet, drill out the center of it with a appropriate size bit. (roughly the same size as the inner rivet circle)
Apr 15, 2011
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Hi joel.
love your commitment to the project there are plenty of ways around the case. however.
my thoughts on your water-cooling plans involve the placement of the radiator and psu.
I have been planning a new computer and in my research i have come across a new and improved all-in-one watercooler
the new fractal design S24.

it has adaptable fluid fittings so you can change the lines and relocate the rad anywhere.

All i would suggest is that you keep the powersupply where it is. and place fan-holes for a 240mm radiator in the bottom.

i would be jealous to see it posted before me...