Annoying startup after chameleon edit

Sep 29, 2012
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Hello all
I am having a problem everytime I boot into OSX now that is really just starting to drive me crazy.
I wanted to edit the chameleon .plist so I would have a nice clean Mac Windows boot GUI. So following a post I saw here on the forums about adding a few lines to acheive this. I made a backup of the original .plist and edited the one in /extra to


<key>Rename Partition</key>
<string>"System Reserved" Windows 7</string>

and to hide useless windows 7 hard drive

<key>Hide Partition</key>

Now it did change my System resevered HDD to say windows but didnt hide the other drive.
After this didnt work I thought screw it i'll just delete those lines and boot back the way it used to.

Since I have done this though I notice that everytime I boot into OSX now it loads up all the apps I had running from before I started this editing. Example - I had safari, firefox, itunes skype and a bunch of other things running I guess when i was changing chameleon and rebooted to test.

Now since reverting back to original chameleon.plist no matter what I do if I close those things right down so there is nothing open at all and reboot it still loads back up everything I had open before. Its like it will not save the current state of which apps are open/running now.. whatever that may be.
I hate having all these apps open up when I boot up. Is there a way to clear some sort of cache or something that is getting stuck?
I have tried deleting the edited .plist and replacing it with the original backup I made of it. I quit all apps before restarting and uncheck the reopen apps box.

thank you
This place is really amazing and fun to see everyone here helping each other in the community.