Animation/content creation build: Looking for Advice

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Jun 2, 2012
ASUS Maximus Hero VIII
RX 580
Hi all,
First thanks to everyone here and the mods for such great advice and build descriptions!

within the next couple months, I’m looking at creating my 3rd hackintosh since 2012. My current machine (based on storks Hero VIII build 6700k ) is still running great but as I’ve been doing more animation work and looking to getting into a little bit of 3D (cinema 4D and Blender) I really need a new CPU that can deliver high single core performance in addition to better multi threading and more cores than the 6700k. As I find myself getting more video work I’d like this machine to be on par or greater than the current Mac Pros availableIts unfortunate that nvidia is still an issue and Ryzen doesn’t support Adobe very well on MacOS, I really can’t imagine switching to windows.

As I find myself with less time to tinker and troubleshoot, I’m looking for as close to “Golden build” as possible. And some wish list items would be thunderbolt 3 ports and room for two M.2 cards.
I’m currently looking at the 10980XE CPU, not sure which MB would be appropriate for that CPU and give least amount of trouble with TB ports etc. I’m a bit confused still as to how much GPU performance I’ll need with the software I use, I currently have a RX580 I could take from my current build but thinking I’ll need to upgrade from that too. I’ll probably start with 64gb ram that I can pull from my current build, though if I can afford I’ll go 128gb. I will also be trying out OpenCore as I heard that’s the route to go these days.

Anyone have a recent build for content creation and video or general knowledge on a build for high performance video editinand Can help out? Much appreciated!
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