AMD Vega 64 Mojave triple screen freeze on screen saver

Aug 4, 2019
Asus X99 Deluxe II-2101
Sapphire Vega 64 Liquid
  1. MacBook Pro
Mobile Phone
  1. iOS
I have read everything I could about this particular issue, and I have tried every combination I could in the past 3 days and I just can’t figure this out.

I have upgraded to a Sapphire Vega 64 Liquid on my Hack to upgrade to Mojave 10.14.6 from 10.13.6. I’ve have been following KGP’s guide for the past 4 years, and everything has been working great. I have also follow his guide to upgrade to Mojave, and so far mostly everything is working but the triple monitor setup…

When on three monitor ( 2 x DP 1440p monitors, 60hz and 144hz and 1 x 1080p 60hz monitor DP to HDMI adaptor), the following issues happen:

Freeze on screen saver after about 15min, freeze when screen turn off In power management when coming back online, sometime freeze when coming back online but the mouse is still working.

I originally thought that it was because I was mixing DP connections with HDMI, so I bought an DP to HDMI adaptor for my HDMI screen. It works better (e.g not crashing instantly when waking back up from screen turned off by power management. Which was happening in HDMI all the time) but it still freeze on screensaver after a while (consistently around 15min)

When I physically disconnect the 1080p screen, no issues at all on both screen savers or turn screen off…. I can be on screensaver all day long, no problem

I have shared my EFI here so hopefully someone can help me out ( I have removed my serial and UUID), I just cannot figure this out and this is really frustrating me a great deal. Maybe it is a power management issue….?

I’ve been hackintoshing for about 6 years, and whilst I’ve got a fair understanding on how to get things working (e.g I’m good at following a guide…) this is beyond my reach of understanding… Benchmark performance are great (above 206000 on metal score and 205000 on GL score in Geekbench 4, about 42000 for CPU). Beside this issue it’s pretty stable, working all day long teaching uni kids about sound mixing and Dolby Atmos loading 250+ track session in Atmos using zoom, sharing screen and recording at the same time… but yet a single screen savers kills everything.

I would love to be able to figure this out. I would greatly appreciate one of your Jedis out there pointing me in the right direction.

FYI my setup:

Asus Deluxe II X99 Bios 2101 with 6950x processor OC at 4Ghz
Sapphire radon vega 64 Liquid
64GB ram 3200 Mhz
1 x m2 512 (Windows)
1 x M2 1gig (MacOS)
6 x 1gig SSDs (sound libraries)
1 x 4tb HD ( Storage)
Clover 4980
SMBIOS Imac 1,1

Clover config close to identical to KGP beside “Inject ATI” being tick on for me as it fixes the massive performance drop of the card compared in 10.14.6. It wasn’t the case on 10.14.4 ( which is when KGP made this guide)

Using Apiomemorefix, Lilu and Whatevergreen latest version, Clover 4980, Custom USB patch limit, everything looks like it is properly implement from ab SSDT point of view.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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