AMD Ryzen System High Sierra Installation with OpenCore

May 11, 2011
Gigabyte B550 Vision D
Ryzen 5900X
RX 6800
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Hello, as far as I can see you are well versed in hackintosh and help people with advice. I highly appreciate it, you are doing a great job :) If you answered my question, you would incredibly help me and other people who will face a similar question. I have exactly the same setup as your B550 motherboard, Radion RX 6800 and Ryzen 9 5900x processor.

The question is, is it possible to install High Sierra OS with this setup? High Sierra OS for Parallels Desktop 13 installation, the only working virtual machine for AMD. I was able to launch open core, format the disk and start recovery. But after rebooting, the Install MacOS option does not appear.

Attached my EFI which works great for BigSur.
Hi Etus,

Thanks for the compliments.

Regarding your question as to whether High Sierra will work on an AMD 5900X system, the answer is no - at least not with your current GPU setup. There are no macOS drivers for the RX6800 card on High Sierra (only Big Sur) so for it to work under High Sierra you'll need a High Sierra supported AMD GPU. As for the exact settings I did run my Atari VCS Ryzen system under High Sierra by using the following settings stated at the top of this thread:

iMac18,3 SMBIOS
no_compat_check (under NVRAM boot-args section)