(Alldo)Cube Mix Plus - Catalina 10.15

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Jan 9, 2016
Cube mix plus
HD 615, 1920 × 1080
I updated this for Big Sur in Big Sur Guides:(Alldo)Cube Mix Plus - Big Sur 11.0
I'll keep this because I don't know if the Clover folder I'm sharing for Big Sur is still compatible with Catalina.

HI, this is not properly a guide but I'm sharing with you the conf to make Catalina work on the Cube Mix Plus.

CPU m37y-30
4go ddr3l
m2 Sata foresee 128 go
intel micros secure card
intel 3165 dual channel a/c combo wifi/bt
SVIO front and rear camera
FTSC1000 touchscreen
WCOM4002 pen
Dock keyboard usb, ps/2 touchpad
usb3 on dock
battery dual Intel SR 1 Real Battery

Partially working:
Intel wifi(you need to compile your own build of itlwm. Source code is on github, google it and zxystd github profile. The wifi is not stable, the upload is slow but at least you can use the intel wifi without KP)

Not working:
Internal card reader(intel one, no hope)
Dock trackpad
Cameras(i2c, no way)
Audio shortcut on the keyboard

Every boot you have to press twice the "caps lock" to make the keyboard working properly.
The battery meter has some problem when connected/disconnected with the original charger. I use a type-C charger and have no problem.
The device doesn't go to sleep closing the lid.

Configuration and installation:
Boot bios and:
-enable CSM and set as "Boot Option Filter" "UEFI and Legacy"
-set in chipset - System Agent (SA) Configuration - Graphics Configuration - DVMT Pre-Allocated as 64M.
-no need to disable vt-d , clover disables it with "dart=0"

-I advise also to enable Thunderbolt (TM) Support to enable the type-c port.
-I advise also (if you have the "chinese" version of the tablet) to do BIOS -> Boot -> Quick boot -> Disable and get rid of the Chinese logo. Thanks to @asusceleron

Now let's install osx.
Use Rehab's guide to make a bootable installer of Catalina(Use APTIOMEMORYFIX) and apply the H_EC to EC fix in the clover config (needed from Catalina to boot the installer/system).

Boot in system and, after you installed Clover as Rehab's Guide, mount efi and go to clover folder(/EFI/EFI/CLOVER).
Replace the config.plist with the one attached, then copy the file SSDT-MixPlus.aml in CLOVER/ACPI/patched and replace the kext folder with the zip's one.

Don't install the kext on /L/E/: Catalina has some problem with kext in system and the clover config attached forces the kext injection.

AppleALC in "install kexts" is a modified version of it to enable the mic, If you replace (or update) your AppleALC kext with the original version you'll lose the mic.
A big thanks to @zhangguangcai that fixed a lot of things (including audio) up to High Sierra.

Audio/Touchscreen/Wacom can not work at the first 3 reboots.

If you want a working iMessage please set a Board Serial Number, a Serial Number and a SmUUID (google them if you need)

From Mojave the brightness bug should be over.

If you come from a stock Cube(or AlldoCube) Mix Plus you probably have a 100 mb efi partition. I suggest you to upgrade this size to 260 using windows and MiniPartitionTool(if you want help just ask)


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Jan 9, 2016
Cube mix plus
HD 615, 1920 × 1080
Updated the kexts and the config.plist
My hope was to use the lockdown to fix the hack but I still had little to spend on the tablet(thanks university...)
The battery indicator is fixed (more or less). With the type-C charger I use I see no delay.
The various kexts are updated and the HDMI audio and the audio after sleep are fixed. These were hidden problems as are features I never use.
As written in the OP compiling your own version of itlwm would allow you to use the intel wifi with some problems.
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