Alienware M14x R2 Intel HD 4000 Graphics Stretched to double the screen

Feb 19, 2015
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EDIT: I just plugged my laptop into my TV via HDMI and the display on the TV is perfect so I assume its just something to do with the laptop display itself

I'm really quite new to the whole hackintosh world and I just tried it on my alienware m14x r2. I used unibeast and set it up with the actual yosemite release from the app store. I installed it and everything is working just fine other than the display. My monitor on my laptop is 1600x900 and even though under System Preferences > Display it also says 1600x900, it is clearly not. When observed closely, it look like every other row on the LCD screen is black and not being lit at all. I tried booting into windows and doing an override of the EDID but that didn't accomplish much. This is what the monitor currently looks like:


(sorry for potato quality) but you can clearly see it isn't lighting up the entire LCD screen
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