ALC1150 CodecCommander & Multibeast Configurations

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Jul 25, 2012
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Toleda had no idea what was going on either so I'm done. It just plain doesn't work anymore. Either CodecCommander needs an update or the edits I used to use on Sierra no longer work. I give up. I'm erasing my NVMe drive and starting fresh again. I'll just live with restarting my computer if it falls asleep. Hopefully someone with the same motherboard will post a solution eventually.
Toleda had no idea what was going on either so I'm done.

It is hard to believe, Toleda, the BEST Audio expert in Hackintosh has no idea about an Audio issue!

Toleda is very logical and methodical in his approach to problem solving. He probably wouldn't want to accept 'substituted judgement' from those who don't know enough to talk at his level of knowledge and expertise. If there is any doubt, read the exchanges between Toleda and RehabMan. They are very crisp and clear, pithy and to the point with no wasted words, a style of communication born out of prioritizing available time.

Once the poster starts thinking for those who try to help instead of providing them background data they have requested to facilitate proper analysis to find out what could have gone wrong and what could be the best next step, they wouldn't be interested to spend any more of their time in that person's issues. Limiting their options to help solve your computer problem is like backseat driving.

Most computer problems are self inflicted by the user and not the computer. Most second opinions are actually analyzing patiently what we must have done to cause them and taking a second or even a third, more careful and well documented approach.

Best way to post for help in a Forum unlike a Telephone Troubleshoot with an expert, is to lay out all the information about the system and the problem and both the output on the computer screen and the input to the system using Mouse & Keyboard done up to that time. Very often the poster assumes the readers should know all these and expects the helpers to be clairvoyant. The end result of such posts are always an abrupt inconclusive end with either one walking out unhappy!
Not open for further replies.