A curious non-tonymac thing some of you may find interesting about mac keyboards

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Dec 29, 2012
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I post this here because I know some of you have the firmware expertise to maybe find it interesting and possibly have some ideas about what's going on. As usual, Apple is up to their usual shenanigans and as usual, most Apple users have not spotted that this is probably not a hardware failure and have parted with their cash for new keyboards.
As a result of my own experience with a neighbor's A1314 wireless keyboard, I have found that people who report the sudden loss of keys 1-9, left or right shift and the function keys above 1-9 have suffered this problem after a recent update. I have read about it with wireless and built-in laptop keyboards and have found the update correlation going all the way back to 2012.
Of course, without number keys, I cannot pair this to another Apple to try and reload firmware. I did pair it to windows by by-passing the pairing requirement and a keyscan program shows no scan codes from the affected keys and I tried many key combinations as well. Ribbon cables have been examined and reseated. No cracks or flaws found. I was going to say this was a hardware fault until I noticed several people mentioning this sudden onset after an update. But I cannot for the life of me make sense of what would disable 19 keys or why.
Is there a way to bypass numeric pairing on osx? Is there a way to replace, restore, reflash Apple keyboards from Linux or Windows? I really don't believe this is hardware, but I don't have the tools or expertise this community has developed to know the best steps to try to prove these keyboards were trashed by Apple.
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