9th gen Intel CPU (9900K) headless iGPU (UHD630) on z390 (mojave)

Jun 20, 2013
Gigabyte X299X Designare-10G
Radeon VII 16GB
Dear @CaseySJ and asheenlevrai, I have a similar problem, as far as I can tell, and I was hoping if I could get some help on it.

I believe I set everything right in 10.14.5, and generated the platform-id 0x3E980003 Device patch by Hackingtool, as my manual entry seemed to default to 0x3E910003.

With 0x3E910003 I can see the green line in Intel Power Gadget (latest), but it doesn't respond to the BruceX test (ca. 14 sec in all my tries). With 0x3E980003 no green line shows up, and I still get the same results. In both cases the HD630 doesn't show up in System Profiler. In GeekBench4.2.2 both GPUs do show up.

My BIOS is set to Primary: PCI-E / 64MB Shared / MultiMonitor Enabled.

Kext are all up to date with

I have attached my (stripped) Clover folder, in the hope that someone may be able to point out what I'm missing. I suppose that with the Vega64 8GB + QuickSync BruceX should complete under 10 seconds? Or is there a better test to see if QuickSync is enabled?

PS: I'm still missing some USB-ports, but that's a matter I can figure out after this. If you find any other oddities, please let me know. The "ACPI PATCH" in ACPI section is for recent BIOS updates that cause the boot to hang on afps initializations, early on.

PPS: I have been reading as much as I can in My LuxMark score is just fine, and LuxMark seems to report the HD630 as well. I just find it very curious that the BruceX test seems unaffected, whereas people with RX580 + QuickSync (in the BruceX benchmark topic) can relate to <10 sec results.

PS: Sorry for the thread-hijack, I posted in a more appropriate place.


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