99% Success Intel DQ67SW + i7 2600 (not k)

Aug 22, 2011
Intel DQ67SW
Intel i7 2600
ASUS NVIDIA GeForce 210 Dual DVI & HDMI Audio
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Success: Intel DQ67SW + i7 2600 (not k)

Hi, I've been upgrading my DQ67SW from snow leopard to mountain lion and thought i'd share my progress.
Everything seems to be working except for shut-down (and probably sleep). I'm hoping Rehabman can help as he has a similar mobo.

Firstly, I should make clear that i'm using an i-7 2600 cpu (not the 2600K), this had HD2500 graphics on chip which is not compatible with OSX. I've tried a range of graphics cards but settled on an ASUS nVidia GeeForce GT610 - 1 GB DDR3 as other users say its compatible with 10.8 / 10.9 / 10.10.

Here's my steps:

Do Not Fit the Graphics card yet.
Update the BIOS
Make sure the following are set in the BIOS:
HDMI / Display Port Audio - Disabled
PCI Latency Timer - 64
Chipset SATA - AHCI
Integrated Graphics Device - Enable if Primary
Minimum Memory - 512MB
Primary Video Adaptor - IGD
Priimary Video Port - DVI-D (White)
Secondary Video Port - None
Intel SpeedStep Tech - Enable
C-States - Enable
OS-ACPI C2 Report - Enable
After Power Failure - Power On
Deep S4/S5 - Enable
Wake from LAN - Stay Off
S3 Indicator - Blink
Wake from S5 - Disable
PCIe ASPM Support - Enable

I booted using Unibeast (i built this on a spare hard drive, but the USB method also worked fine for me)
Mountain Lion Installed successfully. - on some test runs, i'd found i had to type -x to get the installer to load)

Some test runs needed a couple of boots to get the installer to start.
this is probably due to the unsupported graphics not switching correctly leaving a white screen with a mouse pointer or a beachball.

Once ML is installed, go though the welcome / account creation pages.
personally, i like to switch on screen sharing at this point so i can get in remotely.
(this has helped me solve some probs in the past)

Now I shut the machine down.
Fit the ASUS graphics card and tell the BIOS:
Primary Video Adaptor - PCIe Graphics (PEG)

connect the monitor to the DVI on the graphics card and start the machine up.
at this point, it still needs to boot via Unibeast.
sometimes it needed a couple of boots to get the graphics card up.
once in, I used EFIStudio to inject the graphics card info into the boot.plist
this is straight forward… just click 'add device', then click install to ''.

I do a reboot - to get the graphics card up properly.

Now i run Multibeast 5 (ML) with the following options:
USB 3 Universal
hnak's Intel1000 Ethernet
System Def: MacPro 3,1
Customisation/SSDT Options: Sandy Bridge i7

The machine should now boot without the aid of Unibeast

Finally, I opted for
Drivers/Audio/Realtek ACL8xxx/Without DSDT/ACL888/ v100302 Current
which seemed to get the audio up :)

The machine is now working for me EXCEPT… when i select shoutdown.. it shuts down correctly (confirmed by using verbose), but the fans keep running for about 3 mins (when i guess the bios watchdog takes over).

I read Rehabman's post about a similar board which he patched the DSDT, but his patched DSDT didn't work for me.
Maybe someone can help me identify which Multibeast power options or DSDT patches i can use to fix this final step.
Aug 22, 2011
Intel DQ67SW
Intel i7 2600
ASUS NVIDIA GeForce 210 Dual DVI & HDMI Audio
iMac, MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, Mac Pro
Classic Mac
Power Mac, PowerBook
Mobile Phone
Success Intel DQ67SW + i7 2600 (not k)

Ok, I've spent some time reading up on DSDT now, and with the help of google and Rehabman's DH67 DSDT (on his Git Repo) I've got my shut down issues fixed, and sleep / wake seems 'good enough' too.

I'd been avoiding DSDT as, although i'm a software dev, i couldn't find the programmers reference manual that i needed.
So, initially, i tried just throwing each of Rehab's amls into /Extra and crossing my fingers. Each produced a KP at boot - which didn't surprise me.
I found some guides scattered around and used the description from Rehab's Git as a guide:
1. download Maciasl via google.
2. on start, it will show the DSDT for your mobo
3. open prefs and choose ACPH 5.0
4. click compile and use google to fix the complie errors
5. add Rehabman's repo and fix the issues that you need to fix
6. complie
7. save as file type ACPI Machine Language (.aml)
8. stick it in /Extra and reboot
Its a good idea to try 1 patch at a time.

I'm attaching the patches file rather than a compiled dsdt as its always best to complie on your own system.
to use:
open maciasl, fix bugs, click 'patch' and patse the text from my patch file (or sections of it) into the editor window….
click Apply, Close the editor, compile, check for Errors and save.

Thanks again to Rehabman for documenting his git clearly :)


Oct 1, 2013
Sandy Bridge I7-2600k
Radeon R5 220
I putting my scraps pieces together for a hackintosh (with i7-2600k) and the only thing I missed was a 1155 MOBO. I got this same board from ebay yesterday and I'm excited to try this build.

Have you been able to get this updated to Sierra? I