7mb of ram on macOS Catalina Intel HD 4600 support (w/ gtx960)

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Mar 31, 2020
i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60GHz
nvidia gtx960
Hello everyone,

I am a young developer that needs to use xCode. I created an macOS Catalina bootable USB using Unibeast and have installed macos succesfully on a usb thumb drive (I want to test my hackintosh in a usb stick first, before I install it on my hdd).

My setup:
a intel core i7 @ 3,6 gHz with intel HD 4600 graphics
a MSI H81m motherboard
a gtd960

I‘m aware that nvidia gpus aren’t supported in Catalina (rumors say they are working on new web drivers?) so I set my motherboard to only use my integrated graphics. When I boot however, clover shows that I have 2 GPU’s. I have disabled nvida inject and enabled intel inject and the hackintosh boots up and works but there are two problems:
- It is slow but I think this is because of the installation on a usb stick and not a sata drive.
- ”About this mac” shows that I have 7 mb of ram available for my intel HD 4600

How can I fix the amount of ram for my iGP? I’ve installed WhatevergreenKext and lilukext, used intel inject with fakeID, and used rehabman’s config.plist with intel inject enabled AND disabled (both resulted in macOS not booting at all). I can’t set the amount of ram in bios...

Hope to hear from you, thanks in advance!

(I used Multibeast post-installation)
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