3 GPUs and 4 Monitors -- great under Chimera but only one screen under Clover

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Oct 29, 2013
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My system is running great on a Raid 0 under Chimera and Yosemite, except for iMessage. I decided to explore Clover on a test drive and can get everything working including audio (thanks to toleda's command script) but OS X only runs on one screen.

The three 780s are detected in the boot and are shown in the System Report but under Clover, only one is used after OS X starts up. I realize I have to get some sort of device IDs into the config for the other two cards but all of the info I could find is either related to Chameleon or is 3-4 years old.

Is there some resource I'm missing that details how to get multiple GPUs and multiple screens working under Clover?

Asus P9x79 Pro
GTX780 x3
monitors x4 (3 via DVI and one via HDMI)

Once I put an SMBIOS key into the config.plist and a defined it as a MacPro3,1 all of the cards and screens work. It had previously self-defined as a MacPro4,1. I generated the SMBIOS with Clover Configurator and then I put the IDs back in from my previous Chimera install hoping that it would just work but I'm guessing my different smUUID now is stopping it.

I'm hung on contact support now, which is awesome -- I should be one AppleCare call away from iMessage going now and I've converted to Clover. Thanks to toleda and all the mods and posters here.
Not open for further replies.