2400mhz on my haswell 4770k

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Mar 10, 2014
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when i purchased parts for my first hackintosh, i was misinformed about a few things- i've since found out that x79 is picky with memory, especially with all slots full and when over clocking the cpu.

at the beginning i had lots of stability issues with 32g memory and xmp on, i found that removing 2 sticks made the system stable.

i've been reading about how to over clock and get back to my full 32g ram. i bought skill 2400mhz ram rated for the z87 board i have (gigabyte z87u5-th). i've learned that i probably can't run memory that fast, that 1600mhz would be safer and that the memory speed gain won't offer that much anyhow.

so yesterday i turned xmp off and the ram is rated at 1300mhz, added the 2 ram sticks for a full 32g - was able to boot and able to successfully boost the cpu clock speed up to 4.3mhz beyond that i get problems.

i'm wondering, why is the memory speed 1300mhz as a base? if i boost it up beyond that without xmp the system won't boot into UEFI- did i screw myself by getting 2400mhz ram? would it be better to buy a set of 1600mhz?

any other general tips for a twerp in the brutish world of over clocking?

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You have to go into your BIOS. From your BIOS, instead of having your memory clock set on auto, set it to 2400mhz. That's it.

A similar thing happend to me. I have 1600mhz memory and it was running at 1333mhz. The fix was going into the BIOS, and setting the memory from auto to, in my case, 1600mhz.

EDIT: I just realized what you may have actually meant. It's better to use 1600mhz in my opinion, but you should be just fine with using 2400mhz and underclocking it to 1600mhz.
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