1. EdwardGeo

    [Pre Final] Zbook G3 / G4 Thunderbolt hotplug (Thunderbolt Enable) + S0, S3

    Hi everyone! The latest build is on the link: Github repositories As it easier to synchronize with desktop and modifications The entire thread is for research posts and discussion Follow the manual to make all things working correct. Please report of any glitches or problems of build...
  2. d4vinder

    << Solved >> HP zBook G1 Catalina 10.15.4.

    Hi i have created a working EFI directory for the above mentioned laptop. You can download it here. non-working items: External nvidia display port. SD card reader. working: Everything else.
  3. kevster0522

    << Solved >> Unable to boot to installater zbook g2

    System: HP Zbook 14 g2 cpu: i5-5200u chipset: Broadwell-U PCH L-P graphics: intel 5500HD + amd FirePro m4150 (not planning on using amd) display: 1600x900 I'm not planning on getting the amd graphics working so that's a nonissue. I also still have intel wifi installed which I know won't work...
  4. MagicTom

    HP Zbook POST error

    Hi! I've been working on getting my HP Zbook Studio G3 to function as a dual-booting Hackintosh. Inside are two M2 SSD's, each dedicated to their own OS (Win10 and High Sierra). I've got it booting all right with the help of Clover and am in the process of installing kexts. However, sometimes...
  5. npsoo

    HP Zbook Studio G3 SSD NVME

    Hi there, I'm trying to install Sierra on a HP Zbook Studio G3. I'm stuck at the disk utility step, as the zbook doesn't recognize the NVMe SSD. I've tried all guides but nothing is working ...
  6. vic321

    Install OSX on on HP ZBook 15 G3?

    Hey guys! I have been considering to install osx on my HP ZBook 15G3, and dualboot. I wanted to see if anyone know if my laptop hardware is compatible: Computer Name: DESKTOP-DSS9HBM Model: HP ZBook 15 G3 Computer Type: Mobile Manufactured by: HP Baseboard ID: 80D5...
  7. lVoid

    Which one is better for Hackintosh? Thinkpad P70, Zbook 17 G3 or Dell Precision 7710

    Hello. Right now I'm considering these workstations: Dell Precision 7710 with 4K Display, i7 6920HQ + Intel HD 530, Quadro M4000M Thinkpad P70 with the same specs also , HP Zbook 17 G3, Dreamcolor, same specs as above. Which one would do better on Hackintosh? Thank you very much.
  8. crabicode

    Quadro K2100M with MAC OS X DRIVER RELEASE 346.02.03

    Hi, I am new to Hackintoshing but I have successfully installed Yosemite 10.10.5 on my HP Zbook 15. Everything seems to work okay, my graphic is now running on HD 4600 (switched to sRGB IEC611966-2.1 to reduce glitch. however still have 1536mb but actually only 1024mb, but no png), battery...
  9. platinumpixels

    HackBooks: Compatible Laptops - HP ZBook 17???

    I'm a fan of HP so I wanted to build a hackbook and I wanted to know if the HP ZBook http://www8.hp.com/us/en/campaigns/workstations/zbook-17.html 17 will work and are there any compatibility issues that I may run into? And also are there any guides to building a hackbook and a list of...
  10. DJravingMonkey

    problems with quadro k2100m

    Hello, I have installed yosemite on a hp zbook 15 with an intel core 4700mq and quadro k2100m. Using clover. Now i am trying to get graphics acceleration to work. But when I boot without disabling the nvidia kexts, not matter if web or default drivers the boot will hang after starting the...