z97x ud5h

  1. mrsubtle

    Gigabyte Z97X UD5H + I7 + Gigabyte GTX770 4GB

    Hello! I'm now trying to find the proper settings for multibeast for 10 hours now and I'm becoming mad :-( I7 3,6 GHz 4790 LGA 1150 My mother card is a Gigabyte Z97X UD5H my graphic card is a Gigabyte GTX770 4GB 4x8 GB Ballistix sport DDR3 1600 OSX Mavericks I have some troubles : 1/ I have...
  2. bloodlessAUT

    Z97 BOARD Troubleshooting Thread

    ​Hi, we have some problems and cant find any way to fix them. Hope you can help us. First of all, the system: Gigabyte Z97X UD5H (F5) Intel I7 4770k (4x3,5Ghz) Corsair XMS3 4x8GB (32GB - 1600Mhz) Geforce ASUS GTX770DC2OC 2GB Wifi PCI-Card TP-Link-WDN4800 LG Optical Drive BH16NS40 Enermax...