1. kazrusm

    PostInstall multibeast options

    Please help with multibeast options [my parts] Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H Ivy Bridge i5-3570 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 8 GB RAM SSD: Transcend 256gb Help with choosing the settings multibeast exactly what to select for normal operation. I apologize for my English.
  2. SidDircins

    Any Multibeast Install Always Fails

    Hey all! First time builder here. I've made it pretty darned far thanks to this site (and really, thanks everyone, you guys are Awesome!) but I'm stuck booting off the Unibeast drive until I can figure this one out. My Rig: -Gigabyte ga-z77x-ud5h updated to f14 -Intel Core i7-3770K Ivy...
  3. Hmap

    Gigabyte z77x-ud5h - stop working

    Hey everyone. This is my first build and everything was ok during 2 months. This morning when i press the start button .... nothing !!! Last time i used it, i closed it normally. I try to remove everything and check the motherboard, the cpu, the ram ... nothing. When i plug the power cable...
  4. Tony705

    ML only runs in safe boot (unknown CPU model 0x3a)

    Hey Everyone, I'm new to the forum and just stared my first Hackintosh build, and seem to have hit a brick wall during the install. I set up my Bios using this guide (Bios Settings). I created a 10.8.3 Mountain lion install using Unibeast 1.7.0. I was able to boot the installer and...
  5. irvinezekiel

    No GTX 670 HDMI Audio

    Is there a way to get HDMI audio from my graphics card? I have a Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H motherboard with a EVGA GTX 670 and an Intel Core i5 3570K. The onboard optical out on the motherboard works, but i want to use just one cable.
  6. cartoon_yt

    GA Z77X-UD5H installation issue - please help

    Hi everyone. I'm a novice playing with my first Hackintosh build. Really appreciate your kind help :) Reading up on various forum topics here, I managed to boot the installer and managed to run it. But it seems it is never possible to let my mouse (cheap USB2 mouse) be recognised when I'm on...
  7. pbears

    Lazy Photog's build: GA-Z77X-UD5H - i5 3570K - GeForce GTX 660

    Lazy Photog's build: GA-Z77X-UD5H - i5 3570K - GeForce GTX 660 Components GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UD5H LGA 1155 ATX Intel Motherboard ver 1.1 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128545 GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UD3H LGA 1155 ATX Intel Motherboard Original attempt, exchanged for...
  8. Database

    i3 560 to i5 3570K - Worth the upgrade?

    As title, basically. In the next 3-4 months, I'm thinking about upgrading my rig. The question I'm posing is whether the upgrade is worth the (not inconsiderable) expense, and whether it is a good idea to do it within the next few months or wait until Intel's Haswell chips are released and get a...
  9. mikeyur

    Install Went Great, Can't Get Past Apple + Spinning Wheel On Boot (GA-Z77X-UD5H)

    Edit: Tried DVI instead of HDMI.. Worked perfectly. Also used "-v PCIRootUID=0" during install/first boot and it seemed to make things work better (proper resolution, etc). I walked through the 10.8 Installation Guide and the BIOS setup for Gigabyte boards, I went through them each about 10...
  10. kessayli

    DVD Player error 70012

    Whener i open dvd playerl, I get "There was an initialization error. A Valid DVD Drive could not be found. [-70012]" Any help would be appreciated.
  11. kessayli

    Display Help on Z77X-UD5H and GT 640 Graphics

    When I plug in my display it is on 1920x1080 the top bar is cut off or something. is there anything I can do to fix that and keep the 1080p instead of having to switch the display resolution to 1680x1020? Does installing 1080p from multibeast do anything to solve that? Oh I have a 27" AOC Monitor
  12. LustyJusty

    [SOLVED]Z77X-UD5H freezing during youtube and video playback [ML]

    Built this hackintosh about a week ago, and since the build I've had victories (Mountain Lion up and running within a day) and losses (some of my iTunes library), I have yet to run multibeast because I've been unable to come up with clear answers for what is right with my system. I'll admit I'm...
  13. fiberspy

    White Screen with Color Wheel During Installation ga-z77x-ud5h

    Hey guys, I followed the Customac Pro Build when ordering my hardware (http://www.tonymacx86.com/325-building-customac-buyer-s-guide-january-2013.html) . I have the i7 3770, gigabyte z77x-ud5h, and the evga gtx 670. I created my Mountain Lion USB with the latest version of unibeast and booted...
  14. AndyManson

    Z77x-UD5H on Snow Leopard

    Hey guys ! I'm new here and I heard from a couple people that my motherboard ( z77x-ud5h ) wont work with Snow Leopard. I'm going to buy an i5 3570k in a couple of days and until I get it I'm researching about OSX. I have to get Snow Leopard on my Hackintosh because I don't have access to a real...
  15. pbw147

    Need some guidance on osx ML install+multibeast using gigabyte Geforce GTX 650 TI

    This is my first post and i gotta say i couldn't have done it with out this site and everyones guidance, Thank You. Here is where i need some help. Everything went well at first. I had a successful install of ML 8.2 and multi-beast (W/Out GPU installed). I then tried to change my system profile...
  16. janeman1811

    Z77X-UD5H auto sleep problem.

    Hi. I just build my hack and I noticed that auto sleep is not working. Manual sleep is. My bios version is F8. Any suggestions? I used the guide for UEFI Bios. Thanks Jan
  17. malevo

    Someone sell me on the z77x-ud5h or I'll buy a ds3h

    Someone sell me the z77x-ud5h or I'll buy a ds3h I need someone to tell me it's worth all the extra money (I can get them for 320 and 190 US$ respectively) to buy the ud5h. Apart that it's goddamn sexy, but all the extra functionality may never be used :/ I'll pair it with a 3570k or a 3550...
  18. thatoneazn

    multibeast 5.1.2 settings for new install?

    I'm doing a new build with: Gigabyte z77x-ud5h (flashed to F14 BIOS) evga geforce gtx 560 ti I was able to install and boot into ML 10.8.2 with Unibeast but after numerous tries with multibeast, i eventually got stuck on a white screen or no signal with bootflags. Since then wiped and...
  19. macrhab

    Z77X-UD5H and i5-3570K: not successful so far...

    I chose the hardware from the recommended 2012 buys so I am confident that someone/many must have got this set-up to work. All went well until multibeast. I persistently get: boot 0: GPT boot 0: test boot 0: test boot 0: GPT boot 0: test boot 0: test boot 0: error If I choose the flash...
  20. the_gael

    the_gael's HacPro Black - Z77X-UD5H - i7-3770k - 8GB RAM - HD6870

    the_gael's Hac Pro Black - Z77X-UD5H - i7-3770k - 8GB RAM - HD6870 the_gael's Hac Pro Black: Z77X-UD5H - i7-3770k - 8GB RAM - HD6870 Antec 300 Midi Case [AMAZON-uk]http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0017Q8IAA[/AMAZON-uk] Apple OS X Mountain Lion @ Mac Apps Store...