z77x d3h

  1. camerajordy

    Problems with multibeast 10.0.0 . The installation failed.

    I finished installing the high Sierra on my z77x d3h using unibeast. The boot is ok, the system starts normally and seems stable. The problem is that MultiBeast simply does not work. I can not install anything. All attempts fail. Help me please? i7 z77x d3h gtx 960 Multibeast Log.. 11/07/17...
  2. melvinm14

    [Success/Guide] Sierra 10.12 on Gigabyte Z77X-D3H (Rev 1.0) / MSI GTX 970

    As a video-editor, who doesn't want to spend thousands of euro's on a real powerfull Mac Pro, I started building my hackintosh a couple of years ago... Decided to upgrade to from Yosemite to Sierra and made my new USB stick with Unibeast. This finally introduced me to Clover, and what a...
  3. rheritahiana

    3570k OC at 4.5Ghz geekbench 10218 and 54448MHz in HWmonitor. what's wrong?

    Hello Has anyone experience such that thing? My 3570k on ga z77x d3h is OCing at 4.5Ghz. The system seems stable with an Antech Kuhler H20, But something is strange, the geekbench score are low: maximum 10200 The Hwmonitor show 54448Mhz(even after the ivy bridge patch) And About this...