z77n wifi

  1. MacDaRippa

    Someone Please Throw Me a Bone Here!!!!

    Hey guys, So I’ve been out of the game for awhile after I had a drive crash and just started living off my laptop. Now I’m back and trying to get my build working again, and I just can’t seem to get things up and running. So I started with a fresh Snow Leopard install using iBoot and Retail CD...
  2. YaPaY

    Multibeast doesn't work

    Dear all, I have been installed Sierra and launced Multibeast. I am selecting the proper kexts after the installation I see completed message but after restart nothing change. At the moment if I open the Sierra from USB Disk VGA works but ethernet and sound doesn't work. if I open the Sierra...
  3. esc247

    GA-Z77N-WIFI Audio not working

    Hello, I have built a hackintosh with the follwoing specs: Motherboard: Gigabyte Z77N-WiFi CPU: i7 3770k Graphics: Onboard (HD4000) Sound Card: Onboard Everything seems to be working well for me at the moment except for the audio. I have already installed the ALC892 drivers from multibeast...
  4. EnUfor

    First Hackintosh Mini-itx

    Mostly Successful Hackintosh Mini-itx [PS/2 Keyboard Issues] So I am looking to build my first computer for 3D work, ripping movies, gaming, ect. but wanted to also have it also run Mountain Lion. This was originally meant to be more of a budget build, but I'd rather think about buying now over...