z77 up5 th

  1. Hawaga

    [Solved] Clover boot way too long

    Hi, I recently installed High Sierra on my Customac Z77-UP5-TH. Everything is working great except an incredibly slow and long time at boot stage with clover until I reach clover menu (from startup till "scan entries, user settings etc...") like 1 minute The computer previously used to boot...
  2. Hawaga

    RAM running 1333 Mhz instead of 1600 Mhz

    Hi everyone, I'm quite confused with this, I'm running my Gigabyte Z77 UP5 TH Hackintosh with 4x8GB corsair RAM sticks installed, but two of them run at 1333 Mhz instead of 1600 Mhz, as you can see on attached picture. They're all basically all the the same sticks, although I bought em...
  3. lozlab

    Apollo quad and Z77 up5 TH can't make it with TB

    So starnge, my apollo quad is connecting with TB but no drivers appears on Mavericks in preference sounds neither in Logic , making it impossible to use and in about this mac the TB section says "no device detected". The apollo is responding to the console though... Any Idea ?