1. mkm1999

    Question about my HP Z600

    Hi Guys! I'm new here! (Sorry for my bad english!) I have an HP z600 with these hardware: CPU: Intel Xeon E5530 @ 2.40Ghz (x2) RAM: 16 gb dual chanel DDR3 GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT710 its possible to make a working hackintosh for professional audio? (with external sound card and some daw like...
  2. QuantumFluctuator

    HP Z600 High Sierra Booting Inconsistently

    Hello all! I have recently installed 10.13.6 on my HP Z600 workstation. I fixed the USB, patched the graphics for my R9 270 and didn't manage to properly fix the sound, but instead used HDMI audio to avoid this problem. The main issue now, however, is that roughly half of the times I boot into...
  3. DjMikeyLikesiT

    Z600 Music Production Build

    Hey there new to the forums and building computers in general. Long time Mac user and music producer, but never really delved too deep into the technical side of things until recently. I already have a MacBook Pro late 2014 2.2 GHz. The point of this build is to have something stationary in the...
  4. chatsmit

    Coffee Lake i5 8400 or HP Z600 12 core

    Hi, years ago I made my i5 3570K hackintosh with help from this site. It is still running fine! I had it upgraded with an ATI R9 270X GPU and a SSD and I can do anything with it, final cut 1080 editing etc. But now I have a 4K mirrorless cam, and editing this kind of video's can not be done (1...
  5. naqi896

    Success HP Z600 Workstation - But Shut Down Issue

    Hello tonymacx86 community , This forum is everything we beginners of hackintosh are looking for , and with the help of you all i managed to Install Seirra on My HP Z600 Workstation without any problems . The Graphic Card is Nvidia Quadro 2000 1GB and it works like a charm. My Specs are : HP...
  6. mohd_sm81

    HP z600 workstation is FULLY working with macOS sierra

    First, I apology for the messy post, I just couldn't wait and make others wait to see this post so I made it in haste as I have work for my PhD and I am trying to catch up to so many things at once :). Yes, if you ask me, I didn't originally plan to hackintosh my PC (though I always wanted) till...
  7. lgwells1

    HP Z600 Sierra USB Ports Not Recognized

    Recently upgraded my Z600 from El Capitan to Sierra. Everything is great except for USB ports, it does not see that I have a mouse/keyboard plugged in. The keyboard functions as in intended, the mouse is not working correctly. I am using a Razer DeathAdder Chroma, and if I click on anything...
  8. dinosaurcam

    Quadro FX 5800 Not Fully working. (No Open cl)

    I have a Quadro FX 5800, and is it possible to get his fully working. I only get 24fps in Cinebench but in windows it get like 50fps. I Have a HP Z600 and everything is working great, I just don't think my card is at full potential. Will it ever?