1. adamrabbit

    AppleUSBXHCISPT vs AppleUSBXHCIPCI... what does it all mean?

    Hey there! Long time lurker here. I wonder if someone might know about USB 3.1/C First, the build: Gigabyte z170mx gaming 5 i7 6700K NVidia GTX 960 32 GB RAM Some stuff Annoyingly, a few USB ports on the back have never really worked. I finally dug into the forums and got most of them working...
  2. mathews110

    (SUCCESS) GA-Z170-HD3, Skylake i7 6700, Nvidia GTX 950 OC, 16gb DDR4

    (SUCCESS) GA-Z170-HD3, Skylake i7 6700, Nvidia GTX 950 OC, 16gb DDR4 Download OS X 10.11.6 From the app store first To Create The USB installer drive Follow the guide linked here Steps 1 and 2 ONLY! once completed mount your USB EFI partition, if not already done for you by unibeast. copy and...
  3. rsleonard

    Corsair Bulldog Kit - Compatibility?

    Anybody out there with any anecdotal information regarding the Corsair Bulldog High Performance Barebone . It is a prepackaged package that comes with Intel Gigabyte Z170N-WiFi Motherboard w/ USB 3.0 Type-C and 802.11ac Wi-Fi. Looks to be similar to Gigabyte GIGABYTE GA-Z170N-WIFI (rev. 1.0)...
  4. Ika0605

    OS X 10.11.6 Install kernel panic

    How do I correct this error? My machine↓ CPU : i7 6700k GPU : Intel HD Graphics 530 Storage : SSD 240GB RAM : DDR4 2400 8×4 32GB
  5. Fizzeh

    Gigabyte Z170N-WiFi

    The onboard WiFi chip on the Gigabyte Z170N-WiFi will not work (If i understood everything correctly). Is there any Mini ITX motherboard on the market that allows me to use the onboard graphics? Thanks
  6. mutassem

    Ethernet issue with Z170-A - Panic - integrated GPU

    I keep getting this panic when I startup my computer .. after a few reboots I can go through . Is there a way to remove it? All I can see is an ethernet thing .. I just dont know what I have to do . or does it have to do with me using internal integrated GPU HD 530 intel
  7. Cceptus

    Asus Z170 Deluxe WEIRD Sleep/Wake Issue

    Until very recently I refused to sleep my hackintosh for I would lose my audio. I was able to fix this and successfully woke my computer from sleep with sound thanks to the "ready-made kext for 1150 on Gigabyte GA-Z79MX-gaming 5 and similar motherboards" found here...
  8. ilikepure

    Asus Z170 Pro Gaming I5 6600K on 4k monitor

    Hi guys, I have a a 4k monitor AUS PB287Q. I followed the steps using unibeast and multibeast to install el capitan today. However the graphics on the screen glitch on top and at the bottom. There is strip of one inch on top and on bottom that flicker constantly @ 4k resolution or 1080p...
  9. danieldbird

    Working 100% Skylake i7 6700k, GA-Z170-D3H, GTX980

    After years of using this resource, it's time to give back to the community. I've tried to go back to Windows so many times, for gaming, and to utilise my new GTX980 (with directx), but it feels messy, and just not a nice experience. I get screen tearing while playing CSGO, but oh well. There...
  10. meziatto

    Sleep / Wake Problem on GA-Z170X-Gaming 5

    Hi, I installed 10.11.5 on GA-Z170X-Gaming 5 using suggested method and Bios settings from guides (Bios version F5). When I select sleep from apple menu, power light of chassis completely turns off in a few seconds (instead of blinking), and cannot wake up. Any suggestion? Regards,
  11. jemidyette

    First Build - Hack Pro - Audio Prod/Gaming

    Hey Guys, Looking for some good advice for my new build. I will mainly be using if functionally for Logic Pro and Photoshop, however it will see some time as a flight sim as well. It seems like all this hardware should be compatible but if anybody has any experience they would like to share...
  12. dmrkillah

    [Skylake] On which motherboard sleep will work perfectly?

    Hi, I am looking to buy a Skylake motherboard (ATX), preferably Z170 although I need to make sure that sleep will work without any issues (woe of my previous hackintosh builds). I would be very grateful for any advice regarding it! :)
  13. DEMDEM

    GA-Z170X-GAMING 3 with EL CAP

    Seems like there isn't much information relating to this particular motherboard- lets get it on the site. Notes: Intel Z170 Express Chipset i5 Quad Core Intel HD 530 RealTek ALC1150 Codec Atheros Killer E2201 I bought the GA-Z170X-GAMING 3 and have managed to get El Capitan working almost...
  14. enum91

    Audio issue on MSI Z170 Gaming M7 motherboard

    As the title says, I have a MSI Z170 Gaming M7 mobo and I run El Cap 10.11.5. I can't seem to get my audio working. I installed Realtek ALC1150 but it doesn't work. I also installed the universal VoodooHDA driver but it also didn't work. I chose those drivers because I saw people with the same...
  15. Sylvio84

    Boot failure Sometime (Prohibited sign / Couldn't allocate runtime area)

    Hi, I build a new Hackintosh from scratch : - MB : ASRock Z170M-ITX/ac (Z170 Chipset) - CPU : Intel Core i3 6300 - RAM : 32GB DDR4 2400Mhz - SSD : Samsung 850 PRO 256Gb - 4K Screen : Viewsonic VP2780-4K (plug with DisplayPort) I install OS X El Capitan 10.11.5 : - Bios settings (Legacy USB...
  16. grafeny

    Not installing from USB Unibeast Drive

    Hello, my problem at the moment is: when i start and boot from the usb stick, the tonymac screen appears, so i hit enter on usb. after 10 sec the white apple screen is there for half of a secound and then reboot :/ when i boot verbose the last thing i can read is: Starting Darwin x86_64...
  17. Micahtron5000

    Issues getting to installer // z170n gaming 5

    Hi, I'm having trouble getting past this kernal panic before the installer shows up. I was getting a "missing bluetooth controller trasport" I've tried the listed fixes in the big list of solutions (format, Clover Configurator / ACPI / FixDisplay, confirm inject intel=true, nv_disable=1, I took...
  18. tripador

    GA-Z170M-D3H Perfect Configuration for El Capitan (Success)

    Summary: This is a success report for correct configuration of the Gigabyte Z170M-D3H on with a i7 Skylake with working Network, Audio, Wifi. The main configuration is done with Multibeast, additional configuration is done manually to achieve working audio. Lastly I've achieved tipple monitor...
  19. LowBandwidth

    GA-Z170-HD3 kernel panic on reboot... blaming Bluetooth

    I've managed to sift through the everest of material on this site--don't get me wrong, it's much better to have more rather than less information--but all I can say is that as a noob, I'm glad that I don't have to do this to a deadline. So here's where I'm at. I've bought all recommended parts...
  20. JunkMailTwelve

    MSI Z170a XPOWER Titanium Skylake issues

    I cant get the Apple install to finish. It now gives me a Circle with a slash / through it and I cant get past this. Anyone have the same motherboard or issue? I'm using this motherboard with a gigabyte 980ti. Any ideas or help is greatly appreciated. Thanks